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The new points system of the site

Welcome to Donia WeB community members, New Points System Rules 1. Each new recorder gets 5 points automatically. 2. Each member gets one point for each comment. 3. Each member gets 8 points for each topic they publish. 4. You will receive 20 points for each unique topic you publish on the condition that it does not exist on the Internet. _____________ The warnings you should avoid:  1. Fuzzy or non-understandable comments are not allowed to fetch more points, because this will delete your comment and therefore delete your points. 2. Posting useless topics is not allowed to earn points, as this will delete your account. 3. Some may think of creating multiple accounts because I give each new account 5 points, but unfortunately this is not useful in our community because I have created a program that automatically delete multiple accounts and you will never be able to create a new account, which will block your account and all other accounts.   For any query please feel free to ask for help Regards, Community Donia WeB