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NULLED PayMoney V1.5 - Secure Online Payment Gateway

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About This File

Overview of PayMoney


  • It is very difficult to remain thousands of miles away from the people you care about a lot. But it should not be hard to send money to your nearest & dearest ones. With payMoney, hopefully now it will be easier. payMoney is an online money transfer system that ensures a smooth transaction from the pre-payment to the pay-out process.
  • payMoney is too much simpler & more convenient to send money online than having travel to bank or other ways. Just follow the payMoney systems simple step to get started.
  • It will help to keep your account more secured & reliable. Enjoy safe online payments by payMoney system. This system is similar to the large payment services like PayPal or Stripe.
  • You can send money within e few minutes with multiple currencies and multiple payment gateways like paypal, stripe, coin payments and many more.
  • The main features of many are Deposits, Withdrawals, Transfer, Exchange, Request payment, Ticketing system, Revenues, Merchants etc. When user have any claim against any payment that time they can claim to the defendant by Dispute section.



Demo Site info:

Admin Login: 
URL:  http://paymoney.techvill.net/admin 
username  : admin@techvill.net
password   : 123456

User Login: 
URL: http://paymoney.techvill.net 
username   : kyla@gmail.com
passwrod    : 123456

Merchant Login: 
URL: http://paymoney.techvill.net 
username   : irish@gmail.com
passwrod    : 123456

Stripe credentials (Deposit)
Card number:  4242424242424242
MM/YY: 12/29
cvc:  123


PayMoney Android Mobile APP:

To Buy PayMoney Android App – Click here.



Key Features



Registered users can make deposit into payMoney. There are few Payment Methods (Paypal, Strip, PayUmoney) to make deposit. Users can select in which Wallet they want to deposit the amount.


Transfer Amount

It is possible transfer money to any registered or unregistered users. Unregistered users can see their money once they signup. Admin can block, refund for any illegal issues.


Request Amount

Registered users can request money to any Registered or Unregistered users. Request receiver has the option to approve the request or cancel it.


Currency Exchange

By pay Money, user can exchange any currency whenever they want. Can exchange money in two ways-

  1. Base currency to other currency
  2. Other currency to Base currency

Depends on each currency exchange rate, currency will be exchanged and added on user wallets. Admin can see details about exchange in Currency Exchange.


Payment Methods

Currently, we have 5 payment gateways to deposit money PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, PayUMoney& Coin Payments. From Currencies->Payment method, admin can activate/deactivate payment methods to use to site.



Easily withdraw money from accounts. PayPal /Bank, how you want to payout your money? You have to set the Bank detailsin settings at first or, if it is PayPal just put your PayPal email address to payout money.



Fixed amount charge & charge percentage is revenue in PayMoney system.For transaction typeseach currency, admin can set few amount of charges from fees that will separately show in Revenues in admin panel. Only admin can see revenues.


Roles & permissions

As owner of this site you can add other user as admin providing permission to specific role.


User Group

Admin can add default group for site users. For group users, admin gives specific permission to each group.For example, Users may apply to be Merchant and admin can change his group to Merchant providing extra permission.



From settings-> preferences, admin can set Time zone, Date format, Money symbol, Thousands separator.


Activity Logs

Admin can see each users login activity from activity logs.


Fees & Limits

Fees & Limits are the combination of currency and transaction type (Deposit, Transfer, Payout, Request payment etc). In fees, charge is applicable as fixed charge & charge percentage where limit is the combination of minimum limit & maximum limit.



User can create merchants via this system. We have two types of merchant- Standard & Express.

In PayMoney Standard type user can create merchant and generate merchant payment form. By this form user will get the pay now option & do payment to merchant.

PayMoney Express Checkout gives your buyers a simplified and secure checkout experience using API that keeps them local to your website or mobile app throughout the payment process.



User can contact with merchant through Dispute option if user have any claim about their product. Administration can take action (Approved or Reject) discussion on both parties.


Create Tickets

Ticket system is better way to dealing with customer about their issues where user can report or ask questions on various issues. If you have trouble with the site or program, you can use this option as help.


Email Templates & settings

To send mail we have dynamic email template which is changeable too. If you want you can change the template. It also supports multiple languages. We have two E-mail sending protocols. You can send email via SMTP and another one is default, send mail option.


2-Factor Authentication

2FA is an extra layer of security used to make sure that people trying to gain access to an online account are who they say they are. It is used to control access to systems and data from hackers. 2FA is allowed for By email, By Phone & By Google Authentication.

By email & phone: When you verify for email, a 6-digits code will be send to your email to verified your eamil address. By phone, verification process is same as email processing system.

By Google Authentication: Set up google authenticator app into your mobile phone before continuing, otherwise you will be unable to verify. Then scan QR code from your systems via phone & enter the 6-digit OTP from your app.


Email/Phone verification

Email verification services help you to portect your account.This process is helpful to confirming that an email address is valid or not. System automatically send a verification code to the email address used to sign up for the account.


Manual Deposits & Payouts

Manual Deposit can possible by payMoney system. Admin can manually Deposit/payout for any individual users.

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