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    cPanel is an online Linux-based web hostingcontrol panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site to the website owner or the “end user”. Operating system: Linux, iOS, Android Download: cpanel-pro-9.9.8-pro-nulled.zip
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    oobenn is a social networking platform with instagram interface. With features hosted in oobenn content is a unique script that can be used for multiple projects.You can enable or disable the parts that members use to share. For example, if you have a video sharing project, you will have a video sharing project if you activate the video sharing feature of oobenn and disable other fields. 9 different sharing features are available. More features are being added with updates. The currently available sharing features are: Text Sharing Feature Image Sharing Feature Video Sharing Feature Music/Audio Sharing Feature Link Sharing Feature Filter Image Sharing Feature Gif Sharing Feature Location Sharing Feature WaterMark Sharing Feature BenchMark Sharing Feature Product Sharing Feature It is manifested by the differences of oobenn which includes many features that I think will attract the serious project owners. oobenn is not a clone. It is a script that has been developed by developing some features of the most used social sharing platforms in the world. There are also some features that are not available anywhere. For example, the benchmark feature is an unused feature on popular social sites. Continual value added free updates. oobenn continues our long standing tradition of updates with incredible new features & improvements. oobenn has a ton of raving and real world features that give you power to build something great. Updates Version3.7.3.1 [Added] - MarketPlace system [Added] - Product Search System [Added] - Product Boost System [Added] - Market Profile System [Added] - Buy Market Template System (This system working like tumblr blog template system. User can purchase for his/her marketplace business) [Added] - 27 Product Category [Added] - Slider Advertisement system [Added] - 2 Market Template [Added] - Instagram style boosted product system. Boosted posts change color. [Added] - Discount Calculate system [Added] - Boost Widget for Right Sidebar [Added] - Icon System [Added] - Menu system. Admin can change menu position. The system have two type menu system now. [Added] - 2 icon system. Admin can manage the icons. [Added] - Auto map system for products [Added] - Marketplace profile : Products, Sold, about [Added] - Boosted products page. User can manage his/her boost. [Added] - Manage Products [Added] - Manage Boosted products [Added] - Manage marketplace features [Added] - Manage marketplace categories [Added] - Manage marketplace Advertisement slider. [Added] - Enable Disable product share syste. [Added] - Enable Disable product search system [Added] - Enable Disable Advertisement slider system. [Added] - Marketplace theme system [Fixed] - javascript bug [Fixed] - css bugs [Improved] - Speed Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/oobenn-instagram-style-social-networking-script/17048549 Download: doniaweb.com_oobenn-instagram-style-social-networking-script.zip
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    Instant Blog is a multi-purpose blog & magazine script. You can create easily Facebook Instant Articles & Google AMP pages. Instant Blog has clean, responsive and user-friendly design. You are able to manage your posts,categories, users and settings with its powerful Admin panel. Dynamic form for creating posts. Ad management ready you can easly add ads to your posts. It is secured, seo optimized, fast and simple to use. What is Facebook Instant Articles ? Instant Articles is a mobile publishing format that enables news publishers to distribute articles to Facebook’s app that load and display as much as 10 times faster than the standard mobile web. What is Google AMP ? The AMP Project is an open-source initiative aiming to make the web better for all. The project enables the creation of websites and ads that are consistently fast, beautiful and high-performing across devices and distribution platforms. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/instant-blog-facebook-instant-articles-google-amp-supported-php-script/21312459 instantblog-14.rar
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    Rounding off last year (2018) when we release the last update for 2018 "Crea8social Version 7.2.3" we promised to embark on a new approach to our future updates by focusing on your feedback and suggestions for the platform. We are glad to introduce to you our first major update of the year 2019 with the release of Crea8social version 7.3, our team embarked on this version development immediately after the new year holiday. So much effort has been thrown into the new Crea8social Version 7.3 and with the help of some of our esteem clients, we have been able to run the beta version on their server and also on our live demo. Crea8social Version 7.3 comes with lots of improvements to the platform and some new additions from your suggestions on our feedback page. Premium plugins like the Livestream and MediaChat plugin were redeveloped to allow you set up any *combination of ICE servers of your choice directly from the AdminCP Below are the highlights of the aspect of the platform that the new update is affected. --ADDED Night mode --ADDED Google language translator --ADDED Premium Photo filter plugin --ADDED Paystack payment gateway --ADDED Payment gateway for multiple crypto-currencies --ADDED Portuguese Language --ADDED Spanish Language --IMPROVED Livestream plugin --IMPROVED MediaChat plugin A complete changelog is available for more details about the improvements and fixes implemented in this 7.3 release. Download v7.3: doniaweb.com_crea8social-v7.3-nulled.zip You can also download version 7.3.2 here:
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    Advanced letgo clone for brands After trying to deploy a letgo clone script, we realized how complex the world of digital classifieds was for startups and entrepreneurs. Since then, it’s been our mission to build a letgo clone and app that we would use ourselves. Our solution gives entrepreneurs end-to-end control by promoting transparent relationships with their customers. The world’s best letgo clone script built to drive profit through. Prepare for growth takeoff Curated listings placements to meet your customers advertising goals. Stimulated to help classifieds app users connect with hard-to-reach audiences at scale. Only respectful, brand-safe listings that flow with your user’s content and drive results – No distracting ads or intruders. Share brands message with more than a plain headline. Our sponsored content opportunities let brands engage audiences without disrupting user experience or worrying about ad blockers. Put your message in the inbox of future customers through in-email and dedicated deployments. From a variety of email newsletters across high-performing verticals. Take control of your revenue Getting started is easy. Create listings that fit your business or sales needs, and set your own prices based on CPM or sell for exchange. Provide your online customers with a safe and secure selling and buying experience. Carry frictionless direct sales with our flawless letgo clone script. Keep more revenue in your pockets with Appkodes letgo clone and app’s business-first approach. Our letgo clone script seamlessly layers on top of subsisting infrastructure to make it easier to sell direct or at auction. Inbuilt with tools that help entrepreneurs launch promotions on their own. All you need to do is appreciate the innovation. More than 4,500 business owners grow their classifieds business through native, display, and sponsored ads. What are you waiting for? Demo: https://appkodes.com/letgo-clone/ Download: doniaweb.com_joysale_v3.0.zip
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    Sophisticated responsive design The design of your online store will be perfect on any device and screen resolution: the layout of the pages was thought through by usability engineers and marketers. The top panel includes all the navigation elements and is always in sight. The menu adapts to the screen resolution, takes up little space, but accommodates a maximum of the elements of the directory structure. Convenient shopping With one click, the buyer can hide the filters from the category page and stretch the list of products to the full width of the page - so the buyer removes unnecessary items to focus on the goods. Two templates are available for the product card with vertical display of thumbnails of additional images - they save space for other content. If the list of products is so large that it does not fit on one page, the buyer does not have to click on the links of the pages - just press one button at the end of the list of products, and new products are immediately loaded. The button displays the total number of products in the list. SEO optimization Now you don’t have to spend tens of thousands on SEO services. The developers of the kit have already applied all the basic requirements of SEOs: - excluded H1 headers from block names Optimized the code of category pages - first the main content goes through the code, and then everything else; - raised the H1 header in the code as high as possible; - increased the speed of loading pages; - Improved viewing depth and retention of the client on the page. Attracting buyer attention to discounts Goods with a discount displays the corresponding label. In UniTheme for this nameplate, you can set the color depending on the size of the discount. Colors are configured through the CS-Cart visual theme editor. So goods at a discount just notice, and the conversion will increase. Extended work with banners UniTheme includes a module that adds a banner editor to the store. This means that you do not need to hire a designer or draw banners from scratch on your own. Just copy the picture and enter text through the editor. For 2 minutes, get a spectacular, adapted for any resolution banner. Use headings and plain text, format and set the text of the CTA button. Another module allows you to add banners directly to the product grid on the category page. This technique will help advertise the right product and encourage the customer to purchase. Quick sale of the right product If you need to quickly sell a product, make it the product of the day. The product of the day is marked with a special label, and a timer is added to it until the end of the sale. Such product can be effectively advertised on the main page with the help of a special promotional block. Demo: https://www.cs-cart.com License key: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX Download: CS-Cart Ultimate 4.10.3 NULLED [Hidden Content] CS-Cart Ultimarte 4.10.3 RU NULLED [Hidden Content] CS-Cart Multi-Vendor 4.10.3 NULLED [Hidden Content] ENERGOT V2.24 Theme Cs-Cart Enjoy😉
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    HRM- Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO System is a complete HRM Solution with Payroll , Leave Holiday , And 3 Type of attendance system and much more. you can get All In One using this system Sales and transaction are important and Project Manager With Billing accounting CRM in several ways: Project Management You can easily track your project by adding comments,attachment,tasks,bugs,milestone,private and public note,project wise invoice,time management and track your activity in most feature is you can set your goal to complete you project with start and end date with awesome progress wise. you just create it nothing to work everything manage it. not only that you can export and import project. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-project-manager-crm-pro/16292398 Download: ultimate-project-manager-crm-pro-v1.4.3.zip
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    Zuz Music Platform – current version 1.2.6 available for download! Zuz Music helps you build your very own music streaming portal without setting up any streaming server and no coding knowledge. Setup Zuz Music on your domain and upload music data directly from your own device or import from Youtube & SoundCloud with 10GB of Free Space Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/zuz-music-advance-music-platform-system/21633476 Download: zuz-music-v1.2.6.zip
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    Soundkit is a Social Music Sharing Platform similar with Mixcloud, SoundCloud, allowing users to upload their music online and share with the world Demo Links User And Admin Demo – User demo Create your account to test, you will also have admin access but you cannot make any changes User Features Feed – The feed page keeps the user up to date with the new tracks, albums or playlist posted by their friends, display artists suggestions and more Charts – The charts show the New & Hot songs base on admin time settings , like this week New & Hot songs, also display the Top 50 songs which can be filter by time this week, last week, this month, last month and this year Explore – You can explore new tracks, new artists, new albums and filter tracks by genre Collection – Collection works like Soundcloud which allow users to see their collections like history of tracks they have played, tracks they have liked, Tracks they want to listen later, their playlists and albums with the ones they have liked Music Player – Comes with a modern music player with ability to play, next, pause, repeat and also next up playlist Repost – User can repost tracks, playlists or albums to their followers just like Soundcloud Search – Comes with a search system to find artists, tracks, people, playlists and albums all at the same time. Also support search filter Sharing – Users can share songs on any website , via the email or on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook e.t.c Pro Accounts – Monetize your website with premium pro members who can get pro badge, more track size, sell tracks , use the spotlight e.t.c Statistics – Powerful statistics to show who is playing your tracks, download your tracks , see statistics with bar, line or Area chart base on it Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/musicengine-social-music-sharing-platform/22562120 Download: doniaweb.com_soundkit-v2.4.2.zip Adverts & E-Wallet - Module for SoundKit: Soundkit Desktop Application for mac and window:
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    Keep all your team’s tasks in one place. Collaborate and work in real time for real results. Worksuite: the most powerful and simple way to collaborate with your team. Features Client Management Employee Management Project Management Task Management Invoice Management Employees Chat Project Timer Personal Notes Publish Notice for Team Generate Reports Multi Language Export data to excel Theme Settings for each user type panel. Assign roles to users. Send estimates to clients.. Accept invoice payments via paypal. Payment management. Expense Management Slack Integration Ticket Management Attendance Management Roles & Permission Management Add Custom Fields Event Calendar Leave Management Lead Management Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/worksuite-saas-project-management-system/23263417 Download: worksuite-saas-v3.1.1.zip
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    Hostbill Enterprise 10 is a fresh version of an extremely simple, powerful, and fast tool that is designed for companies providing web hosting services and its system administrators. Hostbill Enterprise 10 allows you to manage clients, billing and support in one place, and thanks to an intuitive and fast ajax-interface, it becomes even more pleasant to work. Demo: https://hostbillapp.com/ Version: Enterprise 10 NULLED 2019-02-25 Download: [Hidden Content]
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    CloudOnex Business Suite is a CRM system with a beautifully designed user interface. Software that works for your business! Find innovative ways to manage customer data, communicate with a customer, find out your business flow, net value, send an invoice to a customer without problems with a one-click payment reminder, payment confirmation and paid online connection to payment gateways. Demo: https://www.cloudonex.com/demo Documentation: https://www.cloudonex.com/h Download: cloudonex-business-suite-v4.0.2.zip
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    Keep all your team’s tasks in one place. Collaborate and work in real time for real results. Worksuite: the most powerful and simple way to collaborate with your team. Features Client Management Employee Management Project Management Task Management Invoice Management Employees Chat Project Timer Personal Notes Publish Notice for Team Generate Reports Multi Language Export data to excel Theme Settings for each user type panel. Assign roles to users. Send estimates to clients.. Accept invoice payments via paypal. Payment management. Expense Management Slack Integration Ticket Management Attendance Management Roles & Permission Management Add Custom Fields Event Calendar Leave Management Lead Management Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/worksuite-project-management-system/20052522 Download: worksuite-v3.2.2.zip
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    The product designer interface can be easily changed to suit your page and products. You can determine the size, color and position of the interface elements yourself or choose one of the predefined layouts. You can also choose where the designer will be displayed on the page and whether you want the designer to be displayed directly on the page or displayed after clicking the button in the lightbox or on the page. Fancy Product Designer focuses on modularity. Modules and activities are subject to change according to your needs or products. You can decide what elements and functions are available, as well as their position and alignment. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/fancy-product-designer-jquery/3581183 Download: fancy-product-designer-jquery-v4.9.6.zip
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    Simple forum is the responsive bulletin board and community forum software that can be used to stay in touch with a group of people or can power your entire website. Features Simple forum have more than 8 color styles, private messages, custom thread fields and many other features that can help you create a very unique forum in minutes for your communities and support website. Redesigned for even greater usability. It’s the most simple yet powerful way to enable discussion on your website. No other bulletin board software offers a greater complement of features, while maintaining efficiency and ease of use. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/simple-forum-responsive-bulletin-board/13289844 Download: simple-forum-v1.3.7.zip
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    With zCart application you can build your own Multi-Vendor E-Commerce marketplace like Amazon, eBay, Esty. Very easy to set up with a friendly built-in installer. Each vendor (store owner) has individual Admin panel. A vendor can add staff users to manage their store. You can limit the number of users and also can limit the number of listing a vendor can have. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/zcart-multivendor-ecommerce-platform/22751042 zcart-multivendor-ecommerce-platform-v1.1.2.zip
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    WebViewGold. The WebView solution that just works. Let’s convert your websites and web apps into apps for Android. This app template supports all kinds of web apps/websites (including HTML, PHP, WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, Drupal, Progressive Web Apps, HTML 5 Games, ...). WebViewGold comes with a 100% Google Play Store approval guarantee: Receive a full refund of your license if Google rejects your app built with WebViewGold. Use your mobile website or web app as the basis and this Android Studio package wraps your content into a real, native Android app! No more coding, no more plugins needed. It just works. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/android-webviewgold-urlhtml-to-android-app-push-url-handling-apis-much-more/19487619 Download: webviewgold-for-android-v4.5.zip
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