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Yellow Leads Extractor Pro v7.6.3 Full Activated – Marketing Tool – Discount 100% OFF

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Yellow Leads Extractor Pro

It is a powerful tool that scans the most popular “yellow pages” directories (USA, Canada, Spain, French, German, Italy, Egypt, etc..). It captures essential information like business name, address, phone number, and email. Just enter a category and location, then search, and when you get the first page of data to click the “Get Data!” button and the rest is magic! All the results will be formatted in a list that you can review before saving it to a CSV or Excel file.

Yellow Leads Extractor Pro

It allows the user to make 100% customizable searches in a browser. When you have this program, then you no need to do lots of work to get information from the yellow pages. You only need to enter the category and location. After entering this information, when you will click on the get data option after that, all data will be extracted.
You can save the extracted information in CSV format or your Microsoft Excel. Therefore, use this reliable tool and get all the information that you want from yellow pages.

As you know, yellow pages are a list of telephone directories of businesses. It is a paper-based directory. With the help of yellow pages, you can get details of companies, shops, services in a given area. Now yellow pages also started to be used to notify the online directory of the businesses.


What are the sources supported by Yellow Leads Extractor?

Here is the list of yellow pages sites supported by the program and from which you can capture all the data you want :


ITALY PagineGialle.it

FRANCE PagesJaunes.fr

GERMANY GelbenSeiten.de

GERMANY DasTelefonbuch.de


ENGLISH Yell.com

AUSTRIA Herold.at

ITALY Aziende.virgilio.it

SPAIN PaginasAmarillas.es

USA YellowPages.com

USA Yelp.com

CANADA YellowPages.ca

BELGIUM Goldenpages.be

POLAND YellowPages.pl

ALBANIA Yellowpagesalbania.com

ROMANIA Paginiaurii.ro

HOLLAND Detelefoongids.nl

AUSTRALIA Yellowpages.com.au

BRASIL Guiamais.com.br


PAKISTAN Lookup.pk

SOUTH AFRICA Yellowpages.co.za

INDIA Justdial.com


Egypt Yellowpages.com.eg

India Justdial.com

LATIN AMERICA (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Hoduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Guatemala)

ALL COUNTRIES Yelp.com and Infobel.com


The list is constantly evolving and will increase over time with new program updates.


Read More For Download : >

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