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Perfex v2.8.4

Sertec 24

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Perfex v2.8.4

Version 2.8.3-2.8.4

/Changelog /Version 2.8.3-2.8.4



  • Add ability to set a custom field default value
  • Added permissions for projects milestones
  • Added ability to specify which contacts can receive project-related notifications, per project
  • Added bulk actions for expenses table
  • Added option to show estimate request link in customers area navigation
  • Added ability to convert estimate to project
  • Added ability to specify database backup hour
  • Added ability for ticket form, web to lead form, and estimate request form, to show a logo by providing ?with_logo=1 parameter in the URL
  • Update: When a contract is signed, the name, email, and IP address will be displayed on PDF and HTML.
  • Added ability for ticket form, web to lead form, and estimate request form to provide ?styled=1 parameter in the URL for more convenient design on direct link sharing
  • Update Mollie payment gateway to v2 to support multiple currencies
  • Updated Fullcalendar version to v5
  • Update the Datatables library to the latest version.
  • Updated the footer in the customers area to not be fixed
  • Removed option for scroll responsive tables, the tables will be always scroll responsive
  • Fix no space after discount word on PDF.
  • Fix invoice overdue cron task failing on MySQL 8
  • Fix convert estimate request
  • Fix wrong spelling of Philippines country name
  • Fix project setting upload task attachment on customers area.


Fixed issue with calendar loading.

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  • Unlimited license


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