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  1. More information about "Cloud Zoom Pro"


    Cloud Zoom Pro

    Cloud Zoom Pro
    With Cloud Zoom user can zoom the product image just by hovering the mouse over the main product image! Shoppers can also click on the additional images to load them in the main product image window and zoom them too withoug losing colorbox/lightbox functionality.

    - Inner zoom and Outer zoom
    - Display additional image in left or bottom position with slider.


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  2. More information about "Pro Email Template"


    Pro Email Template

    Customize the content and design of each model according to your convenience: great responsive templates included, customize text and subject, define your color scheme, instant preview result, nice and ergonomic interface, multi-store compatible!


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  3. More information about "Multivendor Multi Seller/supplier Marketplace"


    Multivendor Multi Seller/supplier Marketplace

    OpenCart Multi Vendor Marketplace
    OpenCart Multi Vendor Marketplace is an online marketplace & extension to support OpenCart stores owners and the OpenCart Community. Hence this module provides store owners to multiply his/her own online business. So even If you are a solo entrepreneur in the online business world this module is definitely for you to extend your business to the next level.

    OpenCart Marketplace Multi Vendor Module gonna help you in these ways
    1. It Allows OpenCart owner to manage each product that associates to a third party merchant where third party vendors offer their products for sale.

    2. The Buyers purchase products from multiple vendors on the same platform.

    3. The Store Admin generates and earns revenue/commission from the merchant.

    The module is integrated with an email system to trigger the email to the merchant when respective products are purchased by a customer. This Module also has an Email and Notification Option so Admin can customize Email Message according to his needs.
    TMD OpenCart Multi Vendor Extension is tailored for your business needs
    TMD Multi-vendor online marketplace is provided with his or her own Dashboard, and from there Seller can manage all attributes such as Downloads, Manufacturers, Products, Reviews, Recurring, and other options. A Seller can also change his or her profile information from here.

    The Store admin can assign a different commission level (fixed & percentage) associated with each merchant and on other categories and easily process payments with PayPal and more

    It is compatible with various versions of the standard Opencart module. It is also a fully customized module with easy to understand features for scalability and best user experience.

    It’s extensive features and capabilities make OpenCart one of the best eCommerce platform for online merchants today.

    Manage TMD OpenCart Multi vendor Seller Panel With Ease:
    TMD OpenCart Multi vendor Module is integrated with one of the rich features such as the Seller Panel The seller panel is part of the vast online marketplace where any seller can create his own account.

    Seller can sign up their account and start uploading their products to start instant online selling of products from your existing store. However Admin has all the rights to approve or disapprove a seller and their products.

    And each seller can maintain his own profile and dashboard.

    Super Admin Dashboard for Controlled Seller Activity:
    TMD OpenCart Multi vendor Module provides Admin Dashboard for more control of seller’s data.

    The Panel is incredible for managing all seller account. So Admin has the authority to approve and reject any seller’s account.

    Categories and products can go live once approved by the Admin.

    Admin can also track each and every seller’s orders, income and buyers from Dashboard

    OpenCart Multi Vendor Module Supports Multi Languages:
    When it is about online marketplace.

    The buyer and search related queries may come from different counties and continents.

    So based on your OpenCart themes, the best way to attract customers from around the world is through their known language preferences. TMD OpenCart Multi vendor supports over hundred of different languages for customers to interact with your ecommerce website through different supporting languages

    And it is flexible to get through on any OpenCart themes

    Multistore Support with Seller Login & Customization:
    Being an online marketplace TMD OpenCart Multi vendor module supports endless seller panels. This makes your online store as the largest selling marketplace on the Internet enabling big ROI. Every seller also has the provision of uploading endless number of products.

    Also it is capable for all sellers to store Subscription based product an admin and seller can available recurring income benefits. So Multi store capabilities boost up your online ecommerce presence.

    This Multi vendor module allows super Admin to customize seller panel using the custom page. The provision is only available for Super Admin to take charge of seller panel front panel view.

    Super Admin can also insert additional fields such as text box and combos as per requirement.

    Easy Commission Setting:
    Commission setting is important especially when you have multiple sellers with different products and categories. And TMD OpenCart Multi vendor extension provides easy and clear rules of setting commissions for all vendors/sellers.

    Admin can set different commission levels for each seller on product categories. And Sellers can set conditions on their uploaded products by setting fixed or percentage wise commissions.

    The Store Admin can also assign a different commission level associated with each categories present in website. Like shoe category , Super Admin can set either 15% or $15


    Ready to Go?
    TMD Multi-Vendor Multi-Seller Marketplace is Designed to match your Marketplace as like Amazon & eBay.
    It builds your sellers, your buyers, and your marketplace.

    Multi-Vendor Marketplace is intended to serve 4 main purposes:
    1. Sell a niche product or service to your customers
    2. Sell Multiple products line
    3. Sell services of various vendors
    4. Provide complete control to Admin, more freedom to vendors and vast product option for customers


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  4. More information about "ExcelPort - Full Product Data Excel Export / Import"


    ExcelPort - Full Product Data Excel Export / Import

    ExcelPort is a reliable tool that lets you export all your product data into an Excel file, edit it, and then import it again in OpenCart with the modified products. Please take a look in the demo.

    Main Features

    ✯ Multiple fields supported – ExcelPort offers a one click export/import of OpenCart Product Data, Options, Option Values, Customers, Customer Groups, Categories, Attributes, Coupons / Gift Vouchers and Orders.

    ✯ No Memory Issues – ExcelPort offers a state of art incremental export/import tool that will allow you to export/import an unlimited amount of products without any memory issues.

    ✯Bulk Mode, Grouped Mode, Basic Mode – ExcelPort features three unique modes export/import modes: Bulk Mode, Grouped Mode, Basic Mode which allow you a different type of export and import based on your needs

    ✯ Powerful Filtering – If you are up for a specific data export, ExcelPort features a powerful filtering system to help you deal with your custom scenario. Multiple OpenCart Fields Supported
    ExcelPort offers a one-click export/import of native OpenCart Products, Options, Option Values, Customers, Customer Groups, Categories, Attributes, Orders, Coupons, and Gift Vouchers.
      No Memory Issues
    ExcelPort offers a state-of-the-art incremental export/import tool that will allow you to export/import an unlimited amount of products without any memory issues.
      Bulk, Grouped or Basic Export Mode
    ExcelPort features three unique export modes. Bulk Export which is a multi-sheet export and is perfect for bulk edit. Grouped Export where you have all product information represented in product rows and Basic Export where you have the classical one product per line.
      Powerful Filtering
    If you are up for a specific data export, ExcelPort features a powerful filtering system to help you deal with your custom scenario.
      Single click Export
    Throw complications away. It is super easy to export and import data with ExcelPort. Everything happens with a single click of a button.
      Multi-Lingual & Multi-Store Ready
    ExcelPort offers multi-lingual and multi-store support.
      Premium Support
    By purchasing, you are entitled to 1 Year Premium Support that will get you up and going with ExcelPort. You are also granted access to our ticket/feature request system as well as module updates, current promotions, special bundles etc.


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  5. More information about "Universal Import/Export Pro"


    Universal Import/Export Pro

    This module will allows you to import or export easily lists (as products list, categories list, etc) from CSV, XML, XLS, XLSX, JSON, TXT, TSV, or ODS files. It is very easy to use and the file size is unlimited :import very big data set, export unlimited number of products !


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  6. More information about "Admin Quick Edit PRO"


    Admin Quick Edit PRO

    What does it do?
    AQE PRO extends OpenCart Catalog, Marketing and Sales menu list view pages.

    On Catalog (categories, products, filters, recurring profiles, reviews, downloads, options, attributes, attribute groups, informations and manufacturers), Design (SEO URLs), Customers (Customers), Marketing (marketing, affiliates, coupons) and Sales (orders, returns, vouchers and voucher themes) pages Admin Quick Edit PRO enables you to quickly edit the values in place without having to leave the list view and open the conventional item edit page, so you can save a lot of time. Furthermore, you can relative edit numeric values and batch edit multiple items at once (also in combination), so you can save even more time. This is ideal for shops with lots of products and big turnover where prices, quantities, etc often need to be changed.

    For a full list of quick editable values, please refer to the extension forum page.

    Additionally the extension allows you to select, sort and filter the columns displayed on Catalog, Marketing and Sales list view page and determine the columns that can be quick edited.

    Editing items has never been so fast & easy before - just click on the value you want to change, edit it and hit Enter (or press Save where appropriate) to save the changes. Clicking outside the edit box or pressing Esc (or Cancel button where appropriate) will cancel the edit.

    Batch editing
    Select multiple items and edit them all at once Relative editing
    Edit numeric values relative to the previous value or product price (for price values) (for OC 3.0) Selectable columns
    Choose the columns you wish to see in the list view, hide the rest Sortable columns
    Arrange columns in custom order, change default sorting Enable/Disable quick editing per column
    Control which columns can be quickly edited and which not Search anywhere
    Filter string matches tokens anywhere in the phrase. Interval filtering for numeric values
    Filter items within a value range (e.g. price between 100 and 300 or quantity above 10) Alternating row colour + hover highlighting
    Makes viewing long lists easier Direct links to store
    Quickly view products, categories, manufacturers and information pages in the store (with multistore support) Status highlighting
    Displays disabled items in red, so they can be easily found. Fully multilingual
    In multilingual shops you can quickly edit the values for any language Fully AJAX based
    No page refreshes are needed Option for single or double click quick editing


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  7. More information about "Opencart SEO Pack PRO"


    Opencart SEO Pack PRO

    It is time to make your Opencart SEO friendly!

    We celebrate 9 years of Opencart SEO Pack PRO, 5000+ sales, thousands of happy clients, thousands sites boosted in SERPs by releasing Opencart SEO Pack PRO 9

    Opencart SEO Pack PRO 9 is more powerful, easier to use, more customizable and includes many more SEO features.

    "SEO is not about design. SEO is about being the BEST." - Be the best using Opencart SEO Pack PRO 9!

    Buy Opencart SEO Pack PRO now and get the FREE INSTALLATION and 12 months of FREE SUPPORT.

    Opencart SEO Pack PRO 9 includes all SEO extensions and features and many more:


    + NEW extensions and features from Opencart SEO Pack PRO 8:


    + NEW extensions and features from Opencart SEO Pack PRO 9:

    and many more ...

    All these extensions and features cost more than $250, but you can buy this pack now for only $99.

    OCMOD version for Opencart 3.x


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  8. More information about "SEO Backpack All SEO Tools in One Place"


    SEO Backpack All SEO Tools in One Place

    SEO Backpack came as a result of more than 4 years of exploration, podcasts, forums and research on SEO best practices and its evolution. It is inspired by the advice of worldwide SEO Experts like Rand Fishkin, Barry Schwarz, Neil Patel and Danny Sullivan. Featuring more than 40 different product features as well as 4 features not available in any other product in the market.

    When we designed the plugin we stressed on transparency, so that the user knows exactly what problems are being fixed and can relate to them. Knowing where you stand, once you apparently fix issues you would like to know how well you did - SEO Backpack shows your score. SEO Backpack is all about what's important in the SEO realm for 2018.

    Some cool features we developed in the last 6 months:

    ✯ Support for Arabic characters
    ✯ Support for special characters
    ✯ 404 Detector > Detects all 404 pages visited by your customers.
    ✯ 404 Redirect > Allows you to redirect the 404 pages discovered from the Detector to existing pages in your store. Both features are combined under the "404 Manager" tab.
    ✯ Canonical URL Support for home page, products, categories, information pages, manufacturers and the special page.
    ✯ Added H1 tag support for the products. Available for editing from the product edit form and from the "Advanced Editor" in SEO Backpack.
    ✯ Added H2 tag support for the products. Available for editing from the product edit form and from the "Advanced Editor" in SEO Backpack.
    ✯ Added auto-link support for the category description in the category pages.
    ✯ You can use the [id] short-tag in the URL builder for the product SEO URLs.
    ✯ You can now start/stop the Search Engine Analytics data gathering. Until now, the analytics data was automatically collected whether you want it or not. However, since some customers reported that they do not wish to get this data and have other ways to track the bots coming to their stores, now this feature can be enabled/disabled from the admin panel.
    ✯ Manufacturer SEO Data
    ✯ Meta title, meta description and meta keywords. The fields have multi-lingual support
    The new SEO fields for the manufacturers can be edited from the Advanced Editor in SEO Backpack
    ✯ You can now use [manufacturer] short-code for the product SEO URL generation
    ✯ Implemented new "Migrate" function, which will migrate your current SEO URLs (if you have such) to the new logic, introduced in SEO Backpack
    ✯ Added .htaccess file check in the SEO Score calculation
    ✯ Added robots.txt file check in the SEO Score calculation
    ✯ Added Chinese support (experimental)
    ✯ Added limit option for the filter in the 'Advanced Editor' page
    ✯ Added option to remove more than one auto-links at a time
    ✯ Added option to remove more than one custom URLs at a time
    ✯ Added new tab, called "Advanced Editor". You can use this to edit all SEO fields (meta title, meta description, meta keywords, SEO keyword) right on the spot. There are also filters included in the page, which you can use to simplify the process
    ✯ Added [lang] short-code for the SEO URL generation. Now you can add "en", "fr", "de", "ru" or the code name of your language to the URL string of your products, categories, manufacturers and information pages
    ✯ Added ".html" string support in the SEO URLs for the products, categories, manufacturers and information pages


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