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  1. OXOO is an amazing android live TV & movie portal application.Which included PHP admin dashboard script.You will able to maintain all of your changes easily by use this dashboard.It’s will give the best experience in entertainment as an author of IPTV or Movie application/site owner.It’s a smart application with a easy tools setting. You and your client can watch movie and live TV on android devices without any hassle.OXOO is not only an application but also a supper application with a super UI/UX too.You can manage your TV channel using by PHP Dashboard & it’s another special & smart option for user because it’s not only Dashboard OXOO included android source code too. It’s also a plug-in of “OVOO – Live TV & Movie Portal CMS with Unlimited TV-Series” you can easily integrate this application with OVOO PHP Script. Please find ovoo script here: To observe of ISP needed we have made OXOO to use as multipurpose entertainment App. This application was built with advanced modules and many more powerful features for a complete entertainment app management. Furthermore, it also supports Admob Ads, Onesignal Notification that help to earm money & interact with client with new content. Admin Dashboard developed with highly customizable PHP based (CodeIgniter) application Framework. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/oxoo-android-live-tv-movie-portal-app-with-powerful-admin-panel/23526581 Download: oxoo-v1.0.5.zip
  2. ListApp helps you to create, manage, organize and monetize any listing business you want quickly, seamlessly and beautifully. Having your listing business in App makes a big different for you and your end-users. Main advantages that ListApp can provide you with: Maximize your website potential:You don’t need to waste high amount of money to build new mobile application besides your existing website to enhance your customers booking or ordering experiences when they are on their phones. ListApp takes your website to the next level by releasing your business in Application using contents on your current website. Better personalization:Each end-user is different from the other. To get profit from them, you need to give them information that they are looking for, within their interest, and real-time. Able to utilize mobile device features such as: Maps:ListApp integrates map feature into your listing app to allow your end-users be able to find their nearest interested locations right from their mobile phones. Offline access:Users can save their location wish-lists, images or booking events offline for later use without the need of internet connection. Calendar Event: Booking new appointment or making reservations can be in just few minutes through Calendar Event Setting feature of ListApp. After that, your users will be notified through their calendars. Develop listing business on app with ListApp empowers end-user experience which will bring profit to your business. Source: https://codecanyon.net/item/listapp-listing-directory-mobile-app-by-react-native/21456447 Download: listapp-v1.7.1.zip
  3. A to Z SEO Tools v2 is a Search Engine Optimization Tools. We have more than 50 SEO Tools to keep track your SEO issues and help to improve the visibility of a website in search engines. It also helps to optimize web content by analyzing content for keywords, on-site links and other SEO considerations. Main Features: - User Management System - Oauth Login System Included (Twitter, Facebook and Google ) - Fully translatable to any language - Track your visitors traffic and input queries - Fully SEO-friendly URLs - Captcha protection system for SEO Tools - One-Click Ads integration - Powerful admin con Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/atoz-seo-tools-search-engine-optimization-tools/12170678 Download: atoz-seo-tools-v2.5.zip
  4. Business, Marketplace, Retail “If you build it, they will come” ‘WoodMart’ is a premium WordPress themedesigned from the ground up for buildingsupreme WooCommerce online stores of any kind. Focussed on user experience first WoodMart uses a powerful AJAX tech to give users a very fast and seamless online shopping interface without the need to constantly refresh pages. Build any kind of online store you can imagine and start earning that passive revenue streamyou have been thinking about with ‘WoodMart’ for WordPress and never look back. Theme Settings Panel With a powerful Theme Settings Panel that allows you to change a plethora of Theme Settings with a single click, you don’t need any coding experience. Without the need for multiple plugins to power it WoodMart is smart, lean and fast, so you can get on with business. The Theme Settings panel gives you a graphical interface to make simple changes quickly and easily. Demo: https://themeforest.net/item/woodmart-woocommerce-wordpress-theme/20264492 Download: woodmart-v3.8.1.zip
  5. Nishue is the complete cryptocurrency lending program Software with multi-level marketing. every user level will get the commission of his lower level.it has another wonderful cryptocurrency analysing live data compare system Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/nishue-cryptocurrency-buy-sell-exchange-and-lending-with-mlm-system-live-crypto-compare/21754644 Download: [Hidden Content]
  6. Try another browser, if the problem continues, tell me, and I will send you an external download link
  7. Grameasy is standalone app. It allows and gives you the greatest way to boost your Instagram account with more followers, likes, comments, unfollows and direct messages than ever before. Features Multi Instagram Accounts’s activity Auto activities Logs Many Targets: tags, location, followers, followings, likers, commenters Tags & Locations: Targeting by tags allows you to like and/or comment on media posted under Tags or Locations, and/or follow users who posted those media Followers: allows you to follow users who follow Usernames added in your setting added in your settings (Followers of Usernames),and/or like and/or comment on most recent media posted by those users. Beside, You can also target your own Followers (all users who follow your instagram account) Followings: allows you to follow users followed by Usernames added in your setting added in your settings (Followers of Usernames), like and/or comment on most recent media posted by those users. Beside, You can also target your own Followings (all users who you are following) Likers: allows you to follow users who have liked media posted by Usernames added in your setting added in your settings,like and/or comment on most recent media posted by those users. Beside, You can also target your own Likers (all users who have liked your media posted) Commenters: allows you to follow users who have commented media posted by Usernames added in your setting added in your settings,like and/or comment on most recent media posted by those users. Beside, You can also target your own Likers (all users who have commented your media posted) Unfollow after x days Unfollow source Activity speed: Activity speed: slow, medium, fast Advanced Filters: Activity speed: Media Age Filter, Media type Filter, Min. likes Filter, Max. likes Filter, Min. comments Filter, Max. comments Filter, Min. followers Filter, Max. followers Filter, Min. followings Filter, Max. followings Filter, User profile Filter, User relation Filter Blacklist: Tags blacklist, Usernames blacklist, Keyworks blacklist Auto stop: Timer, Likes counter, Follows counters, Unfollows counters, Comments counters, Direct messages counters Schedule activity Auto post: Photo, Story Photo and Video, Carousel. Payment system via Paypal and stripe (Separated module, Available with Extended License only) Automatic Image resize to match Instagram’s aspect ratios (Almost for every images) Upload media to post Import the media (images, videos) from Cloud Drives (Dropbox, Google Drive) Export profiles, page, friends, groups to CSV, Excel, PDF file (Just available with Facebook) Login & Signup with Facebook, Google, Twitter Secure Password Hashing User registration and login system Email notifications (activate, welcome, reset password and payment email) Email template easy customizable PHP mail and SMTP Configuration Advanced user and package control options Packages Subscription Spintax support Manage schedules with Calendar Save and get caption Supported SSL Embed code feature System proxies Emoji Support Proxy support Social Media (Facebook, Instagram) search Automatic timezone Multilingual ready Statistics Preview post: Instagram post preview before posting in real Schedule posts: Manage your post schedule with ease Save caption: Save your posts Emojis: Supported a lot of great emojis Spintax: supported spintax to random your connent post on your accounts on Instagram And many more great features … Demo: https://stackposts.com/p/grameasy-instagram-auto-post-and-activity-standalone-script Download: GramEasy_V6.4_Nulled_By_DoniaWeB.zip
  8. WebViewGold. The WebView solution that just works. Let’s convert your websites and web apps into apps for Android. This app template supports all kinds of web apps/websites (including HTML, PHP, WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, Drupal, Progressive Web Apps, HTML 5 Games, ...). WebViewGold comes with a 100% Google Play Store approval guarantee: Receive a full refund of your license if Google rejects your app built with WebViewGold. Use your mobile website or web app as the basis and this Android Studio package wraps your content into a real, native Android app! No more coding, no more plugins needed. It just works. Optimized for high performance and reliability Full Android app template, no coding required Powered by the powerful Chromium web engine Easy: Just define your URL (or your local HTML folder) and WebViewGold takes care of the rest! Native Android activity indicator while loading your URL Splash Screen functionality Caching options & native offline screen with “Try again” button if your app can’t connect to your URL HTML 5 Audio / HTML 5 Video Fullscreen / HTML Geolocation supported Define which URLs should be opened in System Browser instead of your app (for external links, e.g. Facebook/Twitter) Android Multitasking supported Custom color design File uploads & camera photo uploads supported Custom UserAgent string supported Image, PDF and Music file downloader API In-App Purchases API (optional) Native Sharing Dialog API (optional) “First Run” dialog (e.g. “Thanks for downloading this app!”) “Rate my app” dialog “Follow on Facebook” dialog Cache Management Push notifications via JavaScript or OneSignal with URL Deeplinking (both optional) AdMob banner & full-screen interstitial ads (both optional) Universal links (possibility to easily configure a link scheme like https://www.webviewgold.com/link=XYZwhich can be triggered from Mail app, browser apps, ... and opens the attached link XYZ in the WebView app) All kinds of web apps/websites supported (including HTML, PHP, WordPress, Progressive Web Apps, HTML 5 Games, ...) What’s new in the latest update? Please check the changelog here. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/android-webviewgold-urlhtml-to-android-app-push-url-handling-apis-much-more/19487619 Download: webviewgold-for-android-v4.4.zip
  9. CloudOnex Business Suite is a CRM system with a beautifully designed user interface. Software that works for your business! Find innovative ways to manage customer data, communicate with a customer, find out your business flow, net value, send an invoice to a customer without problems with a one-click payment reminder, payment confirmation and paid online connection to payment gateways. Demo: https://www.cloudonex.com/demo Documentation: https://www.cloudonex.com/h Download: cloudonex-business-suite-v4.0.2.zip
  10. Yes, all plugins are the latest version, and will always be updated whenever new updates are available
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