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  1. hi i need appkodes hiddy 2.1 nulled

  2. There is no difference between the regular and expanded version of this script, You only pay once and get all the updates for free
  3. Updates are downloaded here as soon as they are released by the author Greetings
  4. Hello @smcnorway, I apologize for the late reply, I will install this on an external server and check I will do it now and once checked I will notify you
  5. Sofdesk Ticket System is a ticket management software that will help you to manage queries and sleek the process of issue resolution. Fully responsive design and unique functionality make it one of the most potent PHP script. Sofdesk has been designed and developed using Laravel, Bootstrap, HTML5, MySql. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/sofdesk-support-ticket-and-knowledge-base-script/24884109 Download: doniaweb.com_sofdesk-v1.4.zip
  6. A fully featured taxi application offering tools you might need to run a location based on-demand service. Using Websocket the bidirectional connection between all players are established in real-time and fast. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/taxi-application-android-solution-dashboard/21437882 Download: doniaweb.com_taxi-application-android-solution-dashboard-v3.0.7.zip
  7. FireApp is a Real-Time complete chatting app with support for Video & Voice Calls along with Stories feature . you can share images, audio, video, contact, even sharing your location!. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/fireapp-ios-complete-chatting-app-for-ios-inspired-by-whatsapp/26503495 Download: doniaweb.com_fireapp-ios-1.0.zip
  8. FireApp is a Real-Time complete chatting app with support for Video & Voice Calls along with Stories feature . you can share images, audio, video, contact, even sharing your location!. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/fireapp-chat-android-chatting-app-with-groups-inspired-by-whatsapp/22453192 Download: doniaweb.com_FireApp V1.2.5.3.zip
  9. Open the do_install.php file in the install folder and replace it with this code <?php ini_set('max_execution_time', 300); //300 seconds if (isset($_POST)) { $host = $_POST["host"]; $dbuser = $_POST["dbuser"]; $dbpassword = $_POST["dbpassword"]; $dbname = $_POST["dbname"]; $first_name = $_POST["first_name"]; $last_name = $_POST["last_name"]; $admin_name = $first_name.' '.$last_name; $email = $_POST["email"]; $login_password = $_POST["password"] ? $_POST["password"] : ""; $purchase_code = $_POST["purchase_code"]; //check required fields if (!($host && $dbuser && $dbname && $first_name && $last_name && $email && $login_password && $purchase_code)) { echo json_encode(array("success" => false, "message" => "Please input all fields.")); exit(); } //check for valid email if (filter_var($email, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL) === false) { echo json_encode(array("success" => false, "message" => "Please input a valid email.")); exit(); } //validate purchase code $verification = valid_purchase_code($purchase_code); if (!$verification || $verification != "verified") { echo json_encode(array("success" => false, "message" => "Please enter a valid purchase code.")); exit(); } //check for valid database connection $mysqli = @new mysqli($host, $dbuser, $dbpassword, $dbname); if (mysqli_connect_errno()) { echo json_encode(array("success" => false, "message" => $mysqli->connect_error)); exit(); } //all input seems to be ok. check required fiels if (!is_file('database.sql')) { echo json_encode(array("success" => false, "message" => "The database.sql file could not found in install folder!")); exit(); } /* * check the db config file * if db already configured, we'll assume that the installation has completed */ $db_file_path = "../application/config/database.php"; $db_file = file_get_contents($db_file_path); $is_installed = strpos($db_file, "enter_hostname"); if (!$is_installed) { echo json_encode(array("success" => false, "message" => "Seems this app is already installed! You can't reinstall it again.")); exit(); } //start installation $sql = file_get_contents("database.sql"); //set admin information to database $sql = str_replace('first_user_full_name', $admin_name, $sql); $sql = str_replace('first_user_email', $email, $sql); $sql = str_replace('first_user_email', $email, $sql); $sql = str_replace('first_user_password', md5($login_password), $sql); $sql = str_replace('item_purchase_code', $purchase_code, $sql); // generate default api key $deafult_api_key = substr(md5(rand()), 0, 15); $sql = str_replace('deafult_api_key', $deafult_api_key, $sql); // generate rest password $rest_user_password = substr(md5(rand()), 0, 15); $sql = str_replace('rest_user_password', $rest_user_password, $sql); // generate mobile secret key $default_mobile_apps_api_secret_key = substr(md5(rand()), 0, 15); $sql = str_replace('default_mobile_apps_api_secret_key', $default_mobile_apps_api_secret_key, $sql); // generate cron key $default_cron_key = substr(md5(rand()), 0, 15); $sql = str_replace('default_cron_key', $default_cron_key, $sql); //create tables in database $mysqli->multi_query($sql); do { } while (mysqli_more_results($mysqli) && mysqli_next_result($mysqli)); $mysqli->close(); // database created // set the database config file $db_file = str_replace('enter_hostname', $host, $db_file); $db_file = str_replace('enter_db_username', $dbuser, $db_file); $db_file = str_replace('enter_db_password', $dbpassword, $db_file); $db_file = str_replace('enter_database_name', $dbname, $db_file); file_put_contents($db_file_path, $db_file); // set random enter_encryption_key $config_file_path = "../application/config/config.php"; $encryption_key = substr(md5(rand()), 0, 15); $config_file = file_get_contents($config_file_path); $config_file = str_replace('enter_encryption_key', $encryption_key, $config_file); file_put_contents($config_file_path, $config_file); // set the environment = development $index_file_path = "../index.php"; $index_file = file_get_contents($index_file_path); $index_file = preg_replace('/pre_installation/', 'development', $index_file, 1); //replace the first occurrence of 'pre_installation' file_put_contents($index_file_path, $index_file); echo json_encode(array("success" => true, "message" => "Installation successful.")); exit(); } function valid_purchase_code($purchase_code =''){ return "verified"; }
  10. I did not touch anything If there is an error then it is from the author I will send him a message about the cause of the problem
  11. Grocery, Food, Pharmacy Store Delivery Mobile App with PHP Laravel Backend Complete solution using flutter framework created by Google is an open-source mobile application development. It is used to develop applications for Android and iOS, as well as being the primary method of creating applications Our solution uses Laravel (PHP Framework for Web Artisans) Laravel is a web application framework with an expressive, elegant syntax. We’ve already laid the foundation — freeing you to create without sweating the small things. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/grocery-food-pharmacy-store-delivery-mobile-app-with-admin-panel/26409320 Download: doniaweb.com_grocery-food-pharmacy-store-delivery-mobile-app-with-admin-panel.zip
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