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  2. This is a paid file, you can buy it here: https://doniaweb.com/files/file/180-adlinkfly-v640-activation-code/
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  4. Please update Quizzy version 2.2 @Mahmoud... Thanks in advance brother
  5. Please update to 2.1 version... Thanks in advance brother @Mahmoud
  6. salaam alaikum Akhi . where the download link ?
  7. Can someone decode this? @Mahmoud Maybe you can do it ?
  8. I have pretty theme latest combined with wowonder 3.0.4 Demo here https://onepoot.com Contact me if you want it mediavhodia@email.com
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  10. It fullfill myred script requirements. If i target one forum thread here the number of views will go up.
  11. Restaurant food ordering iPhone Mobile app is a catalyst for the food industry. The app lets you (a restaurateur) connect with the customers who wish to either get food delivered or pick-up food. The app lets you track customers’ order till the food delivery. With this app you can easily manage the entire restaurant food business to achieve maximum growth. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/single-restaurant-food-ordering-app-ios-app-with-admin-panel/27528346 Download: single-restaurant-food-ordering-app-ios-app-with-admin-panel-2.0.zip
  12. Flutter Multi-City ( Directory Android app with unlimited cities ) is a ready made android app to create directory application for multiple cities with unlimited categories and unlimited places. It is using Flutter so it is supporting for iOS and Android by using single backend. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/flutter-multi-city-directory-city-tour-guide-business-directory-travel-guide-booking-10/28508826 Download: [Hidden Content]
  13. In this shooter game, you control a spaceship and have to defend against waves of enemies that come one after another. This game has 30 levels and they will become more challenging as you progress. You can earn gems in levels which you can use to buy better and stronger spaceships. Also some enemies will drop power ups that will help you a lot in levels an defeating enemies by improving your firepower in different ways like giving you guided missiles! So let’s see how far you can go on and defend against enemies! Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/gallaxy-battle-unity-complete-project-with
  14. This is a Universal Lite Webview App, with this app you can easily convert your website to android app User friendly UI and simple codes makes it easier for the developers to re-create from this code. This template provides you easy way to make your own app. It does not require programming skills. Code is easily configurable and customizable. There is just one config file to setting up everything. Project is well documented. Create your own app in less than 15 minutes without any special knowledge! It’s easier than you think. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/androlite-easy-configurable-a
  15. Same ip and it doesn't need proxies.
  16. Isn't this the same as Wondertag ? This topic should be closed...
  17. php 7.4 installation error. maybe still some bugs for that php version compatibility. mysqlnd (mysql native driver) already installed but the i.php file said it wasn't. any solution ?
  18. I can't install the script am blocked on database ocnfiguration look error below DB Error: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near '-31343995bc CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci' at line 1
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  20. are all the hits going to be from different ip or same ip. does it need proxies
  21. Looking for a crypto domain? The future is in decentralized domain names. Bitcoin's blockchain technology is here to stay and you can grab the oportunity to get your own decentralized domain. PeerName is the first registrar of decentralized domain names. The goal is to provide registration of all new domains based on blockchain. [list] [*] Easy Web-Based Interface Registering a crypto-based domain is not easy. Linux and cryptographic knowledge is required. PeerName make everything for you. It’s like working with a standard domain registrar. [*] Secure Domain Storage We store al
  22. Download is breaking. Please provide an external download link from where downloads can happen normal fast.
  23. Why is the download so slow? Normal 90mb files get downloaded in 90 secs, here 30 mb files are downloading at a speed of 5kb/sec, which means 3 hrs to download a 90mb file ?
  24. Hello! this version is not up to date. The new version of the Flix app, has the payment system. Please! can you upgrade to the updated version?
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