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  3. In android studio when trying to build release apk finish with this error basicnetwork.performrequest: unexpected response code 500 What this mean and how to fix?
  4. Hello sir, thanks for sharing this script, please update to latest version 5.3. Thanks in advance 😃
  5. File has been removed by the site administrator.
  6. The version i uploaded here is the original script I have nulled the script and the work finished today so i will the nulled version soon
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  8. Hello sir, Thanks for sharing this script Hello sir, thanks for sharing this project, can you please help us to null it. Thanks in advance
  9. Voucher Wheel is a powerful tool to engage your customers by giving them a chance to win a prize by spinning a lucky wheel.Developed in Python, Django and Javascript, Voucher Wheel is fully customisable in an admin portal.The wheel was made in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) making the website fully responsive and flexible for your needs.Voucher Wheel can be used as a stand-alone Squeeze Page or Landing Page to capture emails and build a newsletter list. Or as a plugin or popup to your website! Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/voucher-wheel-engage-and-give-prizes-to-your-customers/33951156 Download: codecanyon-voucher-wheel-engage-and-give-prizes-to-your-customers.zip
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