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  2. Like this comment then I like your so that to be able to download the scripts
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    I have one way to try to bypass his license check because I am not expert of revers engineering of softwares, I will manage the other way to get rid of license, and post update here soon when I succeed. Don't worry bro I try to add some value to your purchase Thanks for sharing
  4. Hi Administrator, can you suggest me? due to I tried to install bus365 and backend is fine. But frontend is empty. It shows white page and cannot run on frontend. Thank you so much in advance.
  5. Wallet Connect Addon For Bicrypto - Wallet Login, Connect They sell this separately as if it is not included in this package؟
  6. And Wallet Connect Addon For Bicrypto - Wallet Login, Connect These additions have been updated to work with the latest version, and the rest of the additions will be updated soon Regards
  7. In version 3, only the plugins written for this version 3 work, right? EcoSystem & Native Trading Addon for Bicrypto v3.x -Binance Third-party Provider Addon For Bicrypto v3.x -KuCoin Third-party Provider For Bicrypto – Market/Limit Orders, Fully Automated Liquidity v3.x Only these work, the next plugins are for version 2, they don't work, right?
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