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  4. amın evladı Failed! Item purchase code is wrong. Please fill it correctly. bune
  5. You able to post (2.0.6)? Update 2.0.6 – 30 March, 2021
  6. xfilesharing provide me only singal license how can i upload this file in subdomain this is live website you can check your own xfilesharing script
  7. there is a key that pass with api request. something called janu123. but i dont know more about. please check it
  8. i already provide screenshot proof
  9. As I told you, you are the first person to report this problem so I have to verify it myself, you can upload the script on a subdomain and send the FTP details to the subdomain only
  10. The screenshot you sent does not prove anything And also when I checked your site I found a different template Since you refuse to receive support, you are not entitled to request a refund My greetings
  11. this theme is not working for latest xfilesharing version 3.2.
  12. please provide any step toh fix this issue
  13. sorry sir i can not provide ftp details because this is live website. i have already send screenshot
  14. I have to check it myself as you are the first person to report a problem with this template Send me your FTP details in a message
  15. before purchased this theme. i have already asked you. that this theme will working or not for latest xfilesharing version .and you said that this theme will working for latest version. so i want refund
  16. There is a template other than the one I sell on this site
  17. this theme is not working for latest version
  18. hello sir theme perfectly installed but my website some function is not working . my website name: worlduploads.com
  19. Payment module doesn't work after the update!!! Installed back 4.0.0 everything works fine.
  20. Send the website link and details of the problem in a message to me and I'll investigate
  21. hello sir theme is not working proper how to fix this issue
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