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How its work show video:-



  • Landing Page – Beautiful landing page for your SaaS platform, attract paying visitors with a stunning landing page!
  • Dashboard – Beautiful and responsive dashboard for your users, it automatically fits any screen and resolutions, powered by quick loading technology.
  • Quick Navigation – Zender is so freaking fast that your users will love staying longer. GTMetrix also returned 100/91 scores when tested for loading speed!
  • Multiple Languages – Supports multiple languages, you can easily translate zender to different languages. It includes tons of languages by default.
  • SMS Messages – Send sms via bulk and excel file, you can also receive replies in realtime.
  • WhatsApp Chats – Send whatsapp chats via bulk and excel file, you can also receive replies in realtime.
  • Schedule Messages – Schedule sms and whatsapp chats at any given time, greet someone automatically or broadcast periodic marketing messages.
  • Long Messages – Supports sending long messages, the messages will be splitted to multiple parts if longer than 160 characters. You are not bound from any character limitations.
  • Message Templates – Create ready to use message templates, just select it when you send and it will automatically be added in the textarea.
  • Translator – Send messages in any language you want, the system includes a built-in translator that you can use in messages before sending them.
  • USSD Requests – Send USSD requests to check balance and other network actions, all the responses resulted from USSD requests will be received by the system. You can create a webhook to read it as soon as they arrive. It requires a device with Android 8 or later.
  • Partner System – Let your users earn money by using their devices for global operation, other users can send messages using those devices and will cost credits per send. Accept payout requests from partners and manage them in the admin panel.
  • Contact Imports – Import contacts easily via Excel sheet with an easy to use import feature.
  • Contact Groups – Create groups for sending bulk messages to multiple numbers.
  • Packages – Manage or create subscription packages for your customers, limit everything to by each packages.
  • Credits – Let users send messages using their credits, they can also top-up if they need more.
  • API Keys – Let them create different API keys per project, they can also select permissions per api keys.
  • Webhooks – Immediately reply to recipients when you receive their message, webhooks allows you to listen for incoming messages.
  • Actions – Create autoreply actions and internal GET webhooks to satisfy your project demands.
  • Payment Gateways – Paypal and Mollie for subscription and top-up payments. Pay by using Visa, MasterCard, Amex and more!
  • System Statistics – A detailed statistics on user dashboards will allow them to analyze their usage. Analytics are also available in the admin panel.
  • Limit Control – Limit everything from api keys, sent messages, received messages, max devices and more!
  • Marketing Manager – Send push notifications to connected android devices, browser notifications and email message to your platform users.
  • Rest API – Easily integrate to different systems and programming languages, an extensive documentation is also included.
  • SaaS API – The platform also includes a SaaS API which allows remote configuration of the system.
  • Theme Settings – Modify the theme easily, we used scss technology to optimize the stylesheets. Add your custom logo, favicons and more!
  • Template Editor – Modify the theme template files directly in the admin panel, we have included a smart editor that you can use.
  • App Builder – Customize zender gateway application the way you want it, you’ll be able to use your own colors, splashscreen and logo. You can also customize the app structure to your own liking and add your own JavaScript and CSS codes.


  • Beautiful – A simple but stunning user interface for the gateway app, astonish your users.
  • Light & Fast – A powerful app with light size, it can run perfectly in old android devices.
  • App Translation – The gateway app will automatically change it’s language based on the user selected language in the web app.
  • Easy Linking – Link devices to use accounts by scanning a QRCode or by logging in using their credentials.
  • Notification Listener – Receive notification in the dashboard, you can also create a webhook to receive notification alerts as soon as they arrive.
  • Live Status – Allows your users to know if the device is online or not, this effectively improves user experience. It uses web sockets for live device status.
  • Custom Package Name – Your platform apk, branded with your own android apk package name!
  • Customize App Icon – Use your own app icon image, our app builder will compile it when building the apk for your platform.
  • Customize App Logo – Use your own app logo image, our app builder will compile it when building the apk for your platform.
  • Customize App Splashscreen – Use your own splashscreen with your logo, our app builder will compile it when building the apk for your platform.
  • Customize App Color – Use your own app theme color, our app builder will compile it when building the apk for your platform.
  • Customize App Structure – Modify the default app structure using HTML and add your custom JavaScript and CSS styles.
  • Background Service – The gateway app can run in the background while you do other things, it can also run while the android phone is sleeping.
  • Resource Friendly – The gateway app is powered by Firebase Cloud Messaging, fast and resource friendly. It will only connect to server when there are new messages to send or receive which effectively saves battery life.


  • Server
    • Apache or Nginx
    • mod_rewrite if using apache
    • PHP 7.4 or later
    • MySQL 5.6 or later
  • Extensions
    • php-gd
    • php-openssl
    • php-mbstring
    • php-intl
    • php-zip
    • php-curl
    • php-xmlreader
    • php-bcmath
    • proc_open function

What's New in Version 3.3   See changelog


Changelog v3.3

  • Moved WhatsApp to stable version. Self-hosting is now required.
  • Send quota will now also count failed messages for both SMS and WhatsApp
  • Resend button is now always enabled
  • Moved bulk sending buttons to campaign manager
  • Random send interval is now enabled by default for SMS
  • Fixed hanging of tables because of realtime refresh
  • Fixed documentation issues on Nginx servers
  • Fixed QR code scan not working when account was created via social login
  • Fixed dashboard navigation styling issues
  • Fixed 3rd party gateway controller handler
  • Fixed Twilio gateway controller
  • Fixed gateway app offline data controller
  • Fixed copy button translations
  • Fixed notification listener minor issues
  • Fixed received message issue with date
  • Fixed API tester issues in the API documentation
  • Fixed an issue where WhatsApp transactions are not counting in the subscription page
  • Fixed an issue where creating use in the admin panel gives Invalid Request error
  • Fixed issue with editing of android devices
  • Fixed WhatsApp forbidden error when marking messages
  • Fixed a bug in WhatsApp bulk sender
  • Fixed social login issues
  • Fixed an issue where PayPal payment gives unlimited credits to user
  • Added the ability to send media, list, button and template message in WhatsApp
  • Added campaign management system
  • Added the ability to repeat daily, monthly, yearly or custom days of scheduled messages
  • Added the ability to set daily and monthly sending limit of SMS per device
  • Added the ability to change date and clock format of the system per user
  • Added minimum payout settings
  • Added commission system in partner system
  • Added the ability to modify user credits in admin API
  • Added gateway apk upload alert for admins
  • Added a new button in the admin panel for refreshing socket communication token
  • Added message ID in the received message API
  • Added device online status in the devices page and API
  • Added campaign management to API
  • Added copy device unique ID button in the devices page
  • Added WhatsApp connection status in the WA accounts page
  • Added the ability to send WhatsApp chats to groups
  • Added WhatsApp groups fetcher
  • Added UltimateSMS gateway controller: https://bit.ly/2L2vFMJ
  • Added 66biolinks shortener controller: https://bit.ly/2Qg50QR
  • Added Yourls shortener controller: https://bit.ly/3CQYhqE
  • Added Switchy.io shortener controller: https://bit.ly/3MpCCZz
  • Added Spanish language
  • Added Japanese language
  • Added Korean language
  • Added Marathi language
  • Added Norwegian language
  • Added Portuguese language
  • Added Romanian language
  • Added Russian language
  • Added Slovak language
  • Added Serbian language
  • Added Swedish language
  • Added Swahili language
  • Added Thai language
  • Added Turkish language
  • Added Vietnamese language
  • Added Yoruba language
  • Added Chinese language
  • Updated English language
  • Updated Arabic language
  • Updated Bengali language
  • Updated German language
  • Updated French language
  • Updated Hausa language
  • Updated Hindi language
  • Updated Hungarian language
  • Updated Indonesian language
  • Updated Igbo language
  • Updated Italian language
  • Updated Hebrew language
  • Updated documentation
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