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NULLED Rewards Plugin yetishare (PPS/PPD) V18

6.00 EUR

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Pay your YetiShare users commission for referring paid upgrades (PPS) or downloads they get from their own files (PPD). Includes new members area and admin sections. Users can earn a percentage of each sale they refer to your file hosting site, be paid per 1,000 downloads or run a mix of both:


  • Users earn from upgrades, using their unique affiliate id they simply link to the site via their existing website. They'll earn a percentage for any users which register for an account and subsequently upgrade.
  • Upgrades, from users which upgrade to download files within a users account.
  • Downloads, from files within their account.



  • Pay your users for each 1,000 downloads they get from their uploaded files.
  • Checks in place to limit scammers.
  • Prices set by country & filesize.
  • Download complete log for NGINX users. PPD downloads are only logged when a download is entirely downloaded when using X-Accel-Redirect. Included in the plugin at no extra cost.

Front-End Website Changes:

  • New New overview page showing total earnings by user and overall system stats.
  • New page for non-logged in users showing how much they can earn by referring new sales.
  • Non-logged in user also see PPD rates, if enabled.
  • Once the user logs in they have a new page with the following:
    • Details on how to start earning.
    • Their unique affiliate url.
    • Breakdown of any successful referrals.
    • Money earned this month, to date and available for withdrawal.
    • Once earnings are aggregated, users can request withdrawal via this screen. (once over the minimum amount set by admin)
    • If PPD (pay per download) is enabled, displays current downloads, rates and aggregated earnings.
    • The plugin will only count on 100% downloaded files. If users start a download, then cancel, it will not be counted.

Admin Area Changes:

  • New Option to limit PPD access by account type (free or paid accounts).
  • New Log PPD after x percentage on watching videos/audio.
  • New Updated code to process the new individual X-Accel-Redirect & XSendFile configurations in the individual server configs.
  • Admin overview page showing total earnings by user and overall system stats.
  • PPS - Detailed referrals for all users.
    • Search & filter data.
    • Cancel referral.
  • PPD - Detailed downloads for all users.
    • Search & filter data.
    • Cancel download.
    • Group data for overview of downloads by users & status.
  • Aggregated earnings for all users.
  • Payment requests.
    • Search & filter data.
    • Set as paid.
  • Plugin configuration:
    • Whether plugin is enabled or not.
    • PPS - Payout percentage rate.
    • PPD - Minimum filesize to count.
    • PPD - Manage group names, payout rates and countries.
    • Payout lead time. (to allow for chargebacks, refunds)
    • Minimum payment threshold. (before users can request a withdrawal)
    • Monthly payout date.
    • Set maximum total daily earnings by downloader IP.
    • Set maximum total daily earnings by file.
    • Set maximum total daily earnings by file owner/user.
  • For PPD (pay per download), only daily unique IPs are counted.
  • PPD - Outpayment rates can be set based on country.
  • PPD groups by filesize. Set payment rate based on filesize aswell as country.
  • Total paid figure on customer account rewards page.
  • Option to set other outpayment methods for withdrawals. i.e. bank transfer, cheque. Easily add new ones like bitcoin, stripe etc..
  • Link in admin, 'payment requests' page to pay outpayment via PayPal. Auto-fills the amount, description, currency, users PayPal email address etc.

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