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    Grameasy is standalone app. It allows and gives you the greatest way to boost your Instagram account with more followers, likes, comments, unfollows and direct messages than ever before. Features Multi Instagram Accounts’s activity Auto activities Logs Many Targets: tags, location, followers, followings, likers, commenters Tags & Locations: Targeting by tags allows you to like and/or comment on media posted under Tags or Locations, and/or follow users who posted those media Followers: allows you to follow users who follow Usernames added in your setting added in your settings (Followers of Usernames),and/or like and/or comment on most recent media posted by those users. Beside, You can also target your own Followers (all users who follow your instagram account) Followings: allows you to follow users followed by Usernames added in your setting added in your settings (Followers of Usernames), like and/or comment on most recent media posted by those users. Beside, You can also target your own Followings (all users who you are following) Likers: allows you to follow users who have liked media posted by Usernames added in your setting added in your settings,like and/or comment on most recent media posted by those users. Beside, You can also target your own Likers (all users who have liked your media posted) Commenters: allows you to follow users who have commented media posted by Usernames added in your setting added in your settings,like and/or comment on most recent media posted by those users. Beside, You can also target your own Likers (all users who have commented your media posted) Unfollow after x days Unfollow source Activity speed: Activity speed: slow, medium, fast Advanced Filters: Activity speed: Media Age Filter, Media type Filter, Min. likes Filter, Max. likes Filter, Min. comments Filter, Max. comments Filter, Min. followers Filter, Max. followers Filter, Min. followings Filter, Max. followings Filter, User profile Filter, User relation Filter Blacklist: Tags blacklist, Usernames blacklist, Keyworks blacklist Auto stop: Timer, Likes counter, Follows counters, Unfollows counters, Comments counters, Direct messages counters Schedule activity Auto post: Photo, Story Photo and Video, Carousel. Payment system via Paypal and stripe (Separated module, Available with Extended License only) Automatic Image resize to match Instagram’s aspect ratios (Almost for every images) Upload media to post Import the media (images, videos) from Cloud Drives (Dropbox, Google Drive) Export profiles, page, friends, groups to CSV, Excel, PDF file (Just available with Facebook) Login & Signup with Facebook, Google, Twitter Secure Password Hashing User registration and login system Email notifications (activate, welcome, reset password and payment email) Email template easy customizable PHP mail and SMTP Configuration Advanced user and package control options Packages Subscription Spintax support Manage schedules with Calendar Save and get caption Supported SSL Embed code feature System proxies Emoji Support Proxy support Social Media (Facebook, Instagram) search Automatic timezone Multilingual ready Statistics Preview post: Instagram post preview before posting in real Schedule posts: Manage your post schedule with ease Save caption: Save your posts Emojis: Supported a lot of great emojis Spintax: supported spintax to random your connent post on your accounts on Instagram And many more great features … Changlog: Version 3.2 - December 27, 2018 - Fixed problem for direct message to new followers - Add repost media by Usernames, Tags, Locations - Fixed post by search media

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    Demo: https://gomovieshd1.com The best and most flexible movie script for starting/upgrading your movie website. Need a easy and hassle free way to start your movie website? Start your own streaming website now.! Automatically Update Content with the Latest Movies, Tv Shows and Episodes. The Revolutionary Automatic YesMovies Clone CMS for Movies and TV Shows Includes 1: Add Movies, TV Shows & Episodes Automatically Our amazing script allows you to sleep while it does all the heavy lifting. Sit back and relax as you see your dream site come to life. Depending on the plan you have there is no need to do any thing adding by self. It is fully automatic with Auto Grabber Plugins. you can have up to 25000 Movies and 3500 TV Shows in just few days. All is Automatically.! 2: Updated Content By automatic we mean fully automatic. Your site is updated every minute with new content and updating old broken links. Depending on your plan we add the latest Movies, TV Shows and Episodes.! 3: Available Plugin's Auto Embeds: with this plugin you just need to add TVshow name. it will automatically add all available episodes, thumbnail image, Season, Episodes title, Description, and video watch links with multiple hosts. - [FREE] Movie Feed: fully automatic mod will add all available movies with full information and video watch links with multiple hosts. in few mints your site will have more then 1000 Movies with watch links. [FREE] Host Blocker: its a Powerful Mod for Stop adding dead host links to your site for movies or episodes. also u can remove dead host links from all movies and shows/episodes you already added. can remove by 1 click [FREE] 4: Template Clone We know you like sites like Yesmovies Streaming Sites. So we continuously work on developing them for you. Each paid plan includes one free template of your choice. all template have different features. 5: Powerful Backend We make it easy so that anyone can run a Streaming site. The back-end is built with plenty of features that makes life a lot easier for administrators to organize their Yesmovies clone site. you can control users, remove or add movies, tvshows, episodes manually, seo setting, make pages, and much more. 6: Users Request Control System We Make Easy for you to handle all users Movies and tvshows request. if any user request you a movie or tvshows you can add that movie to your site and update the Request status from backend. 7: User Friendly Our script very user friendly. It includes features that help users keep track of all the shows and movies they watch. users can make list of them favorite Tvshows and Movies. 8: Latest News System you can add latest news about the upcoming movies and tvshows, or story's about the actors and more. 9:Front Page [Pro Version only] you can control your website front page as you want. slider, english movies, indian movies, tvshows, you can control them whatever you wanna show on front page. Menu by quality, by year, by country, A to Z Powerful Letter filter, By Top IMDB and Much More 10 : Search Friendly Powerful Search System. Just type first few later of movie or tvshows autometic search suggest system. filter search system, and Much More 11: Adult Movies [Pro Version only] Adult Movies Automatically Hidden from Reguler All movies list or from front page. adult movies only will find by click on adult Category 12: JWplayer Supported [Pro Version only] can play google photos (we will teach you how to get unlimited space.) 13: Regular Updates & Support We listen to your feedback and we are constantly trying to improve our system to make it more faster, secure and amazing. and give you best support 24/7. and first time installation is totally free.!

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    Version .


    Units included in this file are: 1- advanced status 2- advanced-management-v2.0.1 3- afiliate 4- auto-comment-4.1 5- auto-follow-4.1 6- auto-like-4.1 7- auto-repost-4.1 8- coupon 9- Giveaway 10- Hashtag tools 2.0 11- igdownloader 12- moip 13- PhotoEditor Pro 14- postmanager 15- Proxy-Manager-1.4 16- auto-unfollow-4.1 17- Scrapper 18- social tools plugin 19- speedtest_moduleNextPost 20- welcomedm-4.1

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    Version 1.5


    User Features (Demo) Upload Videos: Upload any video from your device and share it online Import Videos: Import videos easily from YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. Auto Import Videos: Choose few keywords, run the task, sit back and thousands of videos will be importred from YouTube and Dailymotion to your site! High Performance & Capability: PlayTube can handle more than 1B vidoes easily, with a very high performance and speed. WoWonder Integration: With one click, user can login to your site using WoWonder Social Network. Like & Dislike: User can like or dislike videos. Comments System: User can comment on videos. Subscriptions, History, Watch Later Pages: See what you recently watched, exploer other channels videos by subscribing to their channel, and save video to watch them later. User Channels: User can create his own channel and upload/import unlimted videos. Full Advertisement System: Admin & Users can create videos, vpaid, vast, and images ads from the admin panel. SiteMap Generator: If you have 10 vidoes, or 1 Billion videos, our sitemap gernator system will generate a powerful sitemap and ping it to Google/Bing. SEO friendly: SEO friendly links, and HTML code that Google will love! Powerful Admin panel: Manage settings, videos, design, and a lot more easily from our admin panel. Powerful UI: Beautiful and modern design. and much more… Requirements: PHP 5.5 or Higher.MySQLi.GD Library.mbstring.cURL.allow_url_fopen.

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    PixelPhoto is a photo sharing script, PixelPhoto is the best way to start your own photo sharing website! PixelPhoto is fast, secured, and it will be regularly updated. Do you have any questions? please read our FAQs. Check out the Demo https://demo.pixelphotoscript.com/ User Features (Demo) Upload Images & Videos: Upload any image or video from your device and share it online High Performance & Capability: PixelPhoto can handle any amount of vidoes / images easily, with a very high performance and speed. WoWonder Integration: With one click, user can login to your site using WoWonder Social Network. Like: User can like videos or images. Comments System: User can comment on videos and images. FFMPEG: Limit the video upload duration using FFMPEG implemented features. User Profile: User can create his own profile and upload unlimted videos and images. SEO friendly: SEO friendly links, and HTML code that Google will love! Powerful Admin panel: Manage settings, videos, design, and a lot more easily from our admin panel. Powerful UI: Beautiful and modern design. and much more… Requirements: PHP 5.5 or Higher.MySQLi.GD Library.mbstring.cURL.allow_url_fopen. Updates Version 1.1.1[2018/11/21] Installing: Import DB - Script/DATABASE.SQL Edit config - sys/config.php ======================== $sql_db_host = "localhost"; // MySQL Database User $sql_db_user = "DB_USER"; // MySQL Database Password $sql_db_pass = "DB_PASS"; // MySQL Database Name $sql_db_name = "DB_NAME"; // Site URL $site_url = "http://example.com"; // e.g (http://example.com) ======================== Go to site and login - admin;admin


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    Version V4.5.3


    Multi-File Upload With percentage progress, speed and time left. Pure HTML5 with support for Drag & Drop. No reliance on Flash! Large uploads supported, 2GB+. Earn Money Integration into PayPal for automatic premium account upgrades. Other payment gateways such as Authorize.net, OKPay & BitPay also available. Download Managers Full support for download managers with http auth. Resume broken downloads and enable multiple concurrent connections. Enable for all users or just premium. Plugins Additional payment gateways, rewards program, media streamer, image viewer, FTP upload plugin and more. Create your own custom plugins using the plugin framework. External File Servers Integrate any number of external file servers for additional storage. Any FTP server can be used. 100% Source Supplied None of the source code is encoded, enabling you to amend the file sharing script and change the styles as needed. Screenshots (more...)

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    Version 5.3.0


    Demo: https://photo.wavestraffic.co To see the control panel, send a message. AdLinkFly is a GDPR compliant. Earn money by starting your own monetized link shortening service, just like adf.ly(adfly), ouo.io, linkshrink.net or shorte.st clone scripts! Allow members to shorten links & earn money, and keep a share of the profit. AdLinkFly includes a complete publisher and advertiser system, campaigns, referrals, withdrawals, API, translation ready, PayPal, Stripe, Payza, Skrill, Bitcoin(Coinbase – CoinPayments), WebMoney, Perfect Money, PAYEER, Money Wallet & Bank Transfer integration, reCAPTCHA integration and much more!

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    Kartero is mobile application for managing your business delivery and pickup services, you can use kartero for your business like Pickup & Delivery, Beauty Services, Repair Services, Home Services,Health and Well Being and any type of Businesses that needs to monitor daily activity task in realtime. Kartero is a complete package with admin and customer panel, it connects via Rest API json, and this app can run on Android and iOS. You can offer a paid membership monthly/yearly or even 14 day trial to any individual company small,big or personal business, which means you can earn income by offering the kartero services. Managing Daily Task Manage daily driver task Easy to assign delivery/pickup task alert notification Realtime location of your driver Group your driver by assigning them to a team Send push notification/SMS and email to your driver Interactive map directions Translation ready Customer signature Calendar task view Driver On duty on/off features Realtime driver who's online Realtime route to destination Paypal payment supported Stripe payment supported See the Kartero in action? Download android APK File click here Watch Kartero in action click here Website Click here Backend Panel Click here Credentials username : admin password : admin Customer Panel Click here Credentials username : test@yahoo.com password : 12345 Sample Driver Login username : xy password : xy Paypal Sample account User/Email : buyer2@codemywebapps.com Password : Buyertestaccount Stripe Sample account Cardnumber : 4242424242424242 Video Tutorials kartero installation guide https://youtu.be/q_oR5bt344U kartero creating google api key https://youtu.be/Wy4m5DhTVy8 compiling kartero app https://youtu.be/tRBzguspu2g kartero how to run a cron jobs https://youtu.be/WjndBGKXF7A Changelog = 1.5 (15 November 18) = fixed - bugs checking of activity fixed - checking of new database fields added fixed - team map selection new - add export contact list new - add map filter options new - api services for inserting task


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    Now Pretty Theme Update to Version 1.1.8 Required WoWonder Version Pretty, is a theme for WoWonder Social PHP Script. To have this theme, first you must have WoWonder Script. What is Wowonder? WoWonder is social media platform, Developed by Deen Doughouz. You can get WoWonder Script here. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/prettytheme-for-wowonder-social-php-script/21851481 Changelog: Version 1.1.8 (21 August 2018) Fixed problem textarea background posts Make it compatible with wowonder script See Video Tutorial Update to Versi 1.1.8


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    Version 5.6


    LaraClassified is the most powerful Classified Ads CMS in the market. An Open Source and modulable classified app having a fully responsive design. It is packed with lots of features. Purchase Code:11001000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 Online Demo Front Area Email: user@demosite.com Password: 123456 Admin Panel Email: admin@demosite.com Password: 123456 Support for multiple countries Run our classified script only for your country or for multi-countries: http://laraclassified.bedigit.com/countries Features Custom Fields (Create your own Classified Ads, Auto Deals Classified, Real EstateClassified, Directory Listings or Jobs Portal websites) Clean and Modern Design Fully Responsive (also in Admin panel) Built with PHP/MySQL & HTML5/CSS3 Frameworks: Laravel, Bootstrap, jQuery, VueJS Geo location supported (with Maxmind free or pro database) Multi Currencies Support for RTL direction Multiple Languages Available Unlimited Colors Homepage Customization (Change and Order the Home Sections from the Admin panel) Users, Roles and Permissions System (ACL) integrated in the Admin panel PayPal Integrated Google Adsense integrated Google Maps integrated Twilio and Nexmo APIs integration Facebook comment integrated ReCaptcha integrated Turn ON/OFF Ads activation Option Turn ON/OFF User account activation Option Allow guests to post an ad without being logged Email Notifications (Using local SMTP or Amazon SES, Mailgun, Mandrill, or Sparkpost API) SMS Notifications (Using Twilio or Nexmo API) Resend Mail or SMS verification feature (Get more users with valid email or phone number) Messaging System between Sellers & Buyers integrated (NOTE: Only Buyers can start the conversation) CMS for Static pages (Create pages like: About Us, FAQ, Terms & Privacy, etc.) Contact page (Contact form & Google maps) Website Sitemap page Google XML Sitemap RSS feeds generator List of countries page (If activated, SEO supported) SEO optimized Website backup (Admin panel module) Blacklist (Admin panel module) Plans/Packages (for Premium Ads) Front End Listing Submission Social Networks Login (Facebook, Google) Protecting the users phone number against crawler Well commented code. Ready to use Easy to use. Only 2 minutes to install it. and much more.. LaraClassified is built on Laravel, the most modern, powerful, and secure PHP framework ever created.


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    Varient is a multi-purpose news & magazine script. It has clean, responsive and user-friendly design. You can manage almost everything in your site with its powerful Admin panel. It is multi-author system and all authors have their own panel to manage their posts. It has RSS aggregator system and you can use it as an autopilot script. It is secured, seo optimized, fast and easy to use. Demo Demo Link : Demo Admin Demo Link : Admin Demo Admin Username: admin@gmail.com Password: 1234 Author Username: author@gmail.com Password: 1234 User Username: user@gmail.com Password: 1234 Project Updates 09/07/2018 – Version 1.4.3 -Fixed Logout Bug in Mobile -Fixed Search Page Bug -Fixed Some CSS Problems -Fixed Redirect Problems in Controllers and Models -Improved Multilingual System