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  1. As I told you, you are the first person to report this problem so I have to verify it myself, you can upload the script on a subdomain and send the FTP details to the subdomain only
  2. The screenshot you sent does not prove anything And also when I checked your site I found a different template Since you refuse to receive support, you are not entitled to request a refund My greetings
  3. I have to check it myself as you are the first person to report a problem with this template Send me your FTP details in a message
  4. There is a template other than the one I sell on this site
  5. Send the website link and details of the problem in a message to me and I'll investigate
  6. This app is totally Work on the API Basis. The API Plugin Comes Free with This app. Basic Features:Support:Customer can Add The ticketCustomer can View the Ticket ReplyCustomer can send the ticket Reply to adminCustomer can Send the Attachment to ticketView all the ticketsCOMPANY Profile:Customer can View and Update his company Profile for appView Invoices:View all InvoicesView Pending and Paid Systemview projects:Customer can View the Projectscheck the status of Projectview Proposals:Customer can View The proposals Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/client-app-for-perfex-crm/25548556
  7. Scripts and modules have been updated and 5 new modules have been added
  8. Janu is an app template for Dating Apps with amazing features like Video Calls, Live Streams and Fake Chatting, in-app purchases and many more Anyone can create their own beautiful app within couple of hours with no programming knowledge. —-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-— Admin Panel Demo: https://work.bubbletokapp.com/livestream/ username : test_admin password : testlive@2020 Demo Apk: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yyWxxF-J-3jCR5jcZVZhzsKkUgyWcq5R/view?usp=sharing We recommend DigitalOcean VPS hosting: All of our apps are created with DigitalOcean hostings, of course it c
  9. About Screen Recorder Pro with Admob : Screen recorder helps you to record your screen easily with high quality. Users can also enable audio if they want to record video with internal or external audio. This application record video in Mp4 format. People can also you screen recorder to record a video call, gaming, online tutorial and many more. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/screen-recorder-pro-with-audio/27431471 Download: [Hidden Content]