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  1. Hello gigtodo file has no backdoor? and 23 USD to download? sorry I am newbie.

    1. Mahmoud


      I didn't touch the code, it was uploaded after downloading directly from the author's site

  2. Yes, all updates are free, but currently we are facing a problem with my yetishare account, and i will update as soon as we fix it
  3. These are the sources for a full-fledged mobile application for the Android platform with a WordPress Woocommerce backend. You have tons of ready-made eCommerce pages to build your mobile app. It is the best app for any type of store like fashion, electronics, restaurant and more. Whether you are a store owner or a developer, this is the best solution for fast development. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/android-woocommerce-universal-native-android-ecommerce-store-full-mobile-application/21952065 Download: android-woocommerce-1.9.4.zip
  4. In the widget editor, you can select the type of widget and its parameters. A live preview will be shown to the right of the editor. Publish the widget to keep it forever. You can now click the Get Embed Code button for embed instructions. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/massive-cryptocurrency-widgets-phphtml-edition/23098271 Download: massive-cryptocurrency-widgets-php-1.3.1.zip
  5. Version 3.0 does not support upgrade, updated versions must be installed from scratch
  6. FAB ARTIST is an online platform for all customers to hire different services rendered by various Artists. This application includes a great revenue model for the administrators, simple and friendly user experience for the customers, and a great opportunity for various artists to enrich their new or existing business. There are two versions of FAB ARTIST – Customer App & Artist App Customer App – Here customer can get registered and start using the application to view and hire various services near his location and through different categories Artist App – Here, Artist c
  7. Travel Hour is a complete travel guide app based on a country which is completely developed on Google’s Flutter. It has also a admin panel which is also developed on Flutter Web. It works on both android & iOS. We have used Firestore Database as backend and Provider for state management and applied lots of animations to make this user friendly. We have used Google maps and Its APIs to get nearby data like hotels and restaurants and show routes between the source and destination. It contains 50+ screens, clean & structured code sample. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/flutter-trav