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  1. Bro I sent a message to you, I needs the Bedrive Extended SaaS + Mobile Apps iOS and Android.. Paid.
  2. @ Mahmoud I hope you will add this SaaS Extended with the iOS and Android App
  3. I would like to request this bedrive SaaS extended script and also mobile app extended license please.
  4. Hello bro, I'm sorry again to bother you. I sent a message to you kindly check it please...
  5. I just bought this script now, I'm getting error 500 when I tried to install it. How can I get help here?
  6. Do you have plan to add all the addon modules also themes?
  7. Is this updated to latest version of the script and all the addon modules? is this paid or free?
  8. If Im going to buy this script then I will get the extended licensed SaaS script with nulled license right? How can I update it? My current customers will gonna removed once the script is reinstalled as an update?
  9. What about the updates? How to update it?by replacing all the files or it has auto update?