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  1. Help me ------ please! Have a problem When you create a Restaurant and you create the products for it, you cannot see the products they offer for sale. The product website or the store is shown blank by scanning the QR is blank.
  2. Hello friend, I carry out the installation steps and ending it sends a network error, why? The data in the database is correct and the installation does not finish, it sends that error Attachment images
  3. Hi friends, I want to comment that something happens with the web or the server, the download is impossible to do from any file. If you can review it, thank you.
  4. Arriba los postearon para bajarlo. Gracias.🤣 Demo: https://themeforest.net/item/hostinza-isometric-domain-web-hosting-wordpress-theme/22404212 Download: Hidden Content https://mega.nz/#!ctE1yYJK!SIFI6fRElaybhlY__bu85F6VuXbZi81MS8AwSVw0Qo4
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