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  1. @ Mahmoud thank you for update share could you update to latest please 6.3.5 have rebills problems. Thank you! 6.3.6 2021-06-14 17:19:02 +0400 fix(rebill): Rebills were processed with errors in some situations fix(backup): Do not save email with backup to log to avoid recursion Rebils problem in 6.3.5
  2. Any update ? Is allready new version outside.
  3. All works greate! I hope will be soon any update. We integrated 3 payment processors
  4. i was nulled last version 4.6 dont know what is new in this about licence.. But it would be greate if nulled some one that have time.
  5. Hi can you update the download link? Thank you!
  6. @ Mahmoud can you update 1.8 to latest? For licencing edit this: for skip licensse : edit file : InitRepository.php in /vendor/mint/service/src/Repositories change url ****auth ko*de*min*t in **** with your your website and remove : public function check() : void { $last_verified_on = SysHelper::getApp('ACCESS_LOG'); if (CalHelper::validateDate($last_verified_on) && $last_verified_on === today()) { return; } if (! IpHelper::isConnected()) { return; } $this->validate('verify', false); }
  7. @ Mahmoud can you upload to other host link for download not exist with latest 3.1 version?
  8. This is not works after install is in demo mode. @Mahmoud any soluion?
  9. @ Mahmoud can you repost please? Thank you for share!
  10. Hi guys any update? update 27/02/2020: Fix calls bugs. Update Documentation. Improve design and performances. Update libraries. Remove fabric.io (Deprecated)”
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