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  1. Hi can you update the download link? Thank you!
  2. @ Mahmoud can you update 1.8 to latest? For licencing edit this: for skip licensse : edit file : InitRepository.php in /vendor/mint/service/src/Repositories change url ****auth ko*de*min*t in **** with your your website and remove : public function check() : void { $last_verified_on = SysHelper::getApp('ACCESS_LOG'); if (CalHelper::validateDate($last_verified_on) && $last_verified_on === today()) { return; } if (! IpHelper::isConnected()) { return; } $this->validate('verify',
  3. @ Mahmoud can you upload to other host link for download not exist with latest 3.1 version?
  4. This is not works after install is in demo mode. @Mahmoud any soluion?
  5. @ Mahmoud can you reupload please.
  6. @ Mahmoud can you repost please? Thank you for share!
  7. Hi guys any update? update 27/02/2020: Fix calls bugs. Update Documentation. Improve design and performances. Update libraries. Remove fabric.io (Deprecated)”