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  1. funcional al 100% yo doy fe de eso mira mi sitio que funciona bien https://friendtween.com no andes difamando
  2. cuidado con la ultima actualizacion le saldra esto
  3. Thanks for the information but several people from other countries have already registered and fake users are not generated
  4. Hello, I have 40 fake users and it is no longer generating users, a friend registered from another city and I do not generate fake users, why does that happen and he tells me that I already have 200k of registered fake users
  5. I bought the Script if I put my site Online, won't the owners of the Script knock it down?
  6. I want to buy but I want version when they update you send me an MP to buy at once
  7. Bug: Menu nav not working on mobile Quick Fix: Go to /themes/default/main/custom-header-js.php Comment or Cut out <?php require( $theme_path . 'main' . $_DS . 'script.php' );?> then go to /themes/default/main/footer.php line 273 or so, paste the code <?php require( $theme_path . 'main' . $_DS . 'script.php' );?> We wait till there is a permanent fix. Bug: Countries are missing. Fix: Go to database and run this query INSERT INTO `langs` ( `id`, `ref`, `options`, `lang_key`, `english`, `arabic`, `dutch`, `french`, `german`, `italian`, `portu
  8. @ Mahmoud buy the script and the hamburger menu does not work on the cell phone, can you repair it?