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  1. More information about "UpToEarn - File Upload And Pay Per Download Script (SAAS Ready)"


    UpToEarn - File Upload And Pay Per Download Script (SAAS Ready)

    UpToEarn is a cutting-edge PHP script designed to revolutionize the way users share files and earn money. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface.
    UpToEarn allows users to upload their files and earn money every time someone downloads them. Whether you’re a content creator, a digital marketer, or simply someone who wants to share valuable resources, UpToEarn provides a seamless and secure platform to generate revenue from your files. Maximize your earning potential by attracting a global audience and take advantage of the unique earning system based on the country of download.
    With UpToEarn, you can transform file sharing into a profitable venture. Empower your users to upload, share, and earn, while you build a thriving community and generate revenue effortlessly.
    Frontend Features
    Home: The main landing page of UpToEarn, providing an introduction to the platform and its features and more… Premium: Explore the premium features and benefits available. Payout Rates: Access information about the payout rates offered, indicating how much users can earn based on file downloads. Payment Proof: Showcase and highlight real payment proofs from users who have successfully received earnings. User Account: After logging in, this section represents the user’s account. Zip Password: 
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  2. More information about "Upload Zero - Pay Per Download Script"


    Upload Zero - Pay Per Download Script

    Earn money by using this script via Allow publishers to earn money from files and keep a share of the profit. 
    And publishers can sell they files (PDF, Music, Photo, Graphics, Code, Software, Game, Video, EBooks, Site Themes, Audio, 3D, Icons, Fonts)
    -Script has admin panel where you can manage all users, files and ads. And modify settings like header background, style and theme, Social Media links


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