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  1. How to configure this, how to add videos
  2. i modify it a little already, i remove login and sign up to reduce spam people will need social media to login and sign up I add a little bit of css for ads and increase font size.
  3. How to null this 1. Download Notepad++ or similar program for mac or windows, (This programu enable you to search a specific line of code. In this case this is necessary. 2. Go to themes\default\statics\js\libs and find jquery-3.5.1.min.js 3. Copy the code and go to https://beautifier.io/ and paste it and click Beautify Code 4. Copy the code and paste back to jquery-3.5.1.min.js and in line 3248 you will see let n = SMColibri.get_cookie('php'); 5. Block this by adding // like this //let n = SMColibri.get_cookie('php'); 6. Note Done! yet Copy this let n = SMColibr
  4. How can i disable Google Map.. I want user to add location manually.. Its too much but please.. i will buy version 4.0 if i can test this first.