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SDS Simple Doubler Script


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SDS Simple Doubler Script

SDS is a PHP / MySQL system based on Laravel Framework, one of the most popular on the market, designed for the creation of short-term investment sites. Like affiliate sites, with SDS users we have the option to make investments with minimum values and a profit percentage, set by the site administrator, to publish a period of time.

SDS is ideal for people who have a good knowledge of online investments and need a system where others can help by providing more capital that can be invested by the administrator and consequently turning that investment into a profit that will be distributed among all investors (administrator and users), making everyone have a good return on investment.

As an SDS administrator, you can set the following rules:

  • Minimum and maximum value for deposits
  • Percentage of profit at the end of the investment
  • Period of time that the investor (user) must wait to obtain the ROI
  • Percentage of profit on user deposit indicating (Affiliate Program)
  • Set the currency that will be used for deposits and payments according to the payment method used by the site (Crypto Currencies)

Site Features

  • Multi theme
  • User registration with data validation
  • Password recovery page
  • Login page using wallet and password
  • FAQ page
  • About the page
  • Contact page
  • Account page
  • Active Deposits
  • User Wallet
  • User E-mail
  • Reference Counter
  • Total reference fees
  • List of deposits with date, amount and profit
  • Affiliates Page
  • Affiliate Link
  • List of references
  • Account configurations
  • Email address
  • Change Password

Administration Features

  • Homepage with important information blocks
  • Users => List, Delete, Edit
  • Admins => List, Edit, Delete
  • Messages => List, edit, reply, delete
  • Transactions => List, display, delete
  • Deposits => List, see details
  • Withdraws => List, view details
  • Withdraw Requests => List, delete, pay
  • Pages => List, edit, delete, add
  • Faqs => List, edit, delete, add
  • Settings => Edit site settings
  • IPN Logs => List, view details, delete

Other Features

  • Payment method built-in: Coinpayments and Block.io with automatic deposits (IPN) and manual payments through admin
  • 100% open source
  • You do not have a license system, you can use it on as many sites as you want


  • Server Type: Linux
  • PHP version: 7.1.3 or higher
  • MySQL version: 5.7.14 or higher
  • PHP Extensions: PHP OpenSSL, PDO, Mbstring, Tokenizer, XML, CURL, Ctype, JSON
  • Apache Extensions: Mod-Rewrite
  • Other requirements: CronJobs

Site Demo: https://demo.1luckyfan.com/doubler
Admin Demo: https://demo.1luckyfan.com/doubler/admin

Admin User: admin
Admin Pass: 123456






First release version



Correction on referral links

Correction on referrals page



Correction on admin Withdraw Requests



Fix on timer



Fixed bug on delete users on admin

New default template

Added validation on make deposits



Fixed install wizard compatibility with Nginx

1.6 - 05-09-2020


Fixed contact page bug with Sego theme

1.6.1 - 18-01-2021


Correction of typo in User History

1.7.0 - 20-03-2021


Added: Semantic Versioning

Added: Show currency symbol/code on pricing values on admin

Added: Shortcut links to user details and transactions on multiple admin pages

Added: Profit calculation card with profit and loss identification colors

Changed: Withdrawals with Coinpayments now have blockchain TXID

Added: Coinpayments gateway or api modes for deposits/purchases

Changed: Coinpayments IPN to ignore currency conversion notifications and avoid creating error logs

Added: Block.io Webhooks for IPN notifications (only paid plans) and option to choose confirmations required to accept deposits

Updated: composer packages

1.8.0 - 29-03-2021


Fixed: Pay Now and Delete buttons on Manage Withdraw Request page on admin

Changed: Log errors to daily files instead a single file

Updated: Saves error messages when generating addresses for deposit when using Coinpayments API mode in the log file

Fixed: Performance Optimization on Admin Dashboard and Home page

Added: Option to update withdrawal request with TXID by sending payment via external wallet

1.8.1 - 03-04-2021


Fixed: Referral link

1.8.2 - 03-04-2021


Fixed: BlockIo CronJobs

Fixed: Pay Now button on Manage Withdraw Requests

Changed: CronJobs to output on files, instead send email

1.8.3 - 12-04-2021


Fixed: Manual payment on Manage Withdraw Requests

1.9.0 - 12-04-2021


Changed: Full path to folders on Install Wizard

Changed: Output console logs for Database creation on Install Wizard

Changed: Separation of admin routes

Changed: Alert messages on multiple admin pages

Changed: New layout for the Settings page in the admin

Added: Define admin access route on Install Wizard

Added: Logo and favicon customization moved to Settings page

Added: Custom codes fields to use on header/footer

Added: CronJobs command to delete old cronjobs files

Added: Wysiwyg editor on admin

1.9.1 - 08-05-2021


Fixed: Sego Theme. Added alert when the user has not yet defined a valid email in their account

Changed: Coinpayments deposit via API to use admin email when user has not yet defined a valid email

1.9.2 - 22-05-2021


Fixed: Error on pay for Withdrawal Requests on admin

1.10.0 05-08-2021


Added: Option to use user email or admin email on deposits/withdrawals when using Coinpayments

Added: Choose who pays transaction fees(Block.io)

Added: Admin forgot/reset password pages

Updated: Block.io API to the latest version

Updated: Laravel framework and all third-party packages


Support is available for paid files only
Support for free files is offered for a fee only

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