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Business Directory/pages Plugin allows you to build a local directory, directory of business providers, a Yellow-Pages style business directory, Yelp-like review sections, create a church directory, build an address book directory and much more. You can add any kind of directory using Business Directory plugin. Increase interaction on your website, improve customer retention and a add revenue-generating section to your site with Business Directory Plugin!
Mobile App Support: Yes
Product Version and Compatibility:
– 1.0 for mooSocial 2.4.0 to 2.5.0
– 1.1 for mooSocial 2.5.0 to 2.6.0
– 1.2 for mooSocial 2.6.0 to 3.0.0
– 1.3 for mooSocial 2.6.0 to 3.0.0
– 1.4 for mooSocial 32.6.0 to 3.0.0
– 1.5 for mooSocial 2.6.0 to 3.0.2
– 1.6 for mooSocial 2.6.0 to 3.0.2
– 1.7 for mooSocial 3.0.2 to 3.1.0
– 1.71 for mooSocial 3.10 to 3.1.4
– 1.72 for mooSocial 3.10 to 3.1.4
– 1.73 for mooSocial 3.10 to 3.1.4
– 1.8 for mooSocial 3.1.5
– 1.8.1 for mooSocial 3.1.6+
Product News and Discussion:      click here


+ Members can create their own business or claim existing business.
+ Multiple admin: allow business owner can assign other user as admin to manage a business listing. Owner also can assign permission to admin.
+ Categories, sub-categories
+ Packages: Admin can enable packages for directory items on site. Multiple packages can be created based on features that should be available to businesses under them. Paid packages, with one-time and recurring billing options can also be created.
+ Businesses can be claimed. Users can file claims for a business.
+ Admin can assign “Claimable Page Creators” permission to a specific user role so that businesses created by user in this role can be claimed by other members in the site. This is useful in cases like if you have certain members whose job is to create only those businesses on your site which could later be easily claimed by their rightful owners. Admin will get notification if member make a claim and all claims need to be inspection and approval by Site admin.
+ Business Dashboard: allows business owner or business admin can manage various contents in a business listing.
+ Search Engine Optimized (SEO) URLs and structure
+ Business Profile: displays the Business Profile Photo, Title, Action like – follow, check in, get direction and a lot of widgets
+ Breadcrumb support.
+ Featured Businesses: business owner can purchase featured package to make his business as featured or Site Admin can make / remove businesses as featured in admin dashboard. Featured Businesses will appear in Slideshow widget at business home page. Featured businesses have “Featured” labels on their profile, are highlighted with an attractive featured icon or label and colored background in listings. Featured businesses will appear on top of “Browse Businesses” page.
+ Follow Directory: Members get notifications when new update is added into business such as Photos, status update, Business owner or business admin can manage list of followers. Business owner/admin can ban/unban a specific member from followers list.
+ Add a business as favorite business.
+ Layouts: Business home page, business profile page, business search page, business create new page…are added into layout editor section so that you can configure using drag-and-drop widgets
+ Google Maps and Geocode API integration: Can view business on map, can do proximity Search to find business listings around a location at a distance
+ Ordering business on search results page by rating or added date.
+ Getting Directions to Businesses: Users can easily get directions to Business Locations by clicking on “Get Directions” button on business profile page.
+ Activity Feed integration
+ Reviews & Ratings: user can write a review and business owner can response to a review.
+ Photo Albums: “Theater Mode” Photo Viewer provides excellent photo viewing
+ Contact us form: allows you to quickly reach business owner.
+ Sub-pages: allows you to create multible sub-pages for a page.
+ Mobile Compatibility: This plug-in is compatible with our apps.
+ Checkins: Show list of member who have checked in to your business.
+ Widgets: Payment methods, Business hours, Rating, location, categories, Reviews of Day, recent reviews….

Back end:

+ Manage Businesses: manage list of businesses. Can change status, can make featured/verified or delete a business.
+ Business settings: by pass force login, enable business hash tag, enable/disable plug-in, auto approve business (yes,no), auto approve sub-page (yes,no), pagination setting for listing page, featured price setting…..
+ Manage locations: list of locations auto added by system when member adding new business. Can add more location.
+ Category: two levels
+ Business types: can add, edit…business types
+ Packages: add, edit…business packages.
+ Claim requests: manage list of claim requests sent from members.
+ Verification requests: manage list of verification request sent from members (business owners or business admins)


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