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[REQ] BuyMeTea - The best way for creators and artists to accept support and membership from their fans.

Kitket Xss



BuyMeTea is the best way for creators and artists to accept support and membership from their fans also it’s a social media platform. An author can earn from their post they can create premium subscriptions for subscribers based posts also they can sell anything. BuyMeTea makes supporting fun and easy. In just a couple of taps, your fans can make the payment BuyMeTea and leave a message. They don’t even have to create an account. The BuyMeTea site owner will get commission from each transaction. The script has 12+ payment getaways and unlimited offline payment getaways. BuyMeTea included 2 click-site installer to install the script without any technical knowledge.

Demo User: https://coffee.amcoders.com/demo-user

Demo Access: https://coffee.amcoders.com/

Demo User Profile: https://coffee.amcoders.com/demo-user

User Access: 



email: user@user.com

password: rootadmin

Admin Access: 



email: admin@admin.com

password: rootadmin

Payment Gateways:

  1. Paypal
  2. Stripe
  3. Paystack
  4. Razorpay
  5. Instamojo
  6. Mollie
  7. Toyyibpay
  8. Mercadopago
  9. Mollie
  10. Payu
  11. Thawani
  12. flutterwave

User Features.

  1. Creator / follow-based news feed.
  2. Follow Unfollow modules.
  3. Post based Like System.
  4. Post based Comment System.
  5. Public Post.
  6. Subscriber Based Post.
  7. Different types of posts (Custom Post, Album Post, Podcast Post).
  8. Category-based post.
  9. Publish Post with alert to all followers system.
  10. Schedule-based post.
  11. Clean and simple dashboard.
  12. Chat option with user to user.
  13. Real-Time Chat With Firebase.
  14. Notifications.
  15. Supporters (donation) dashboard.
  16. Dynamic Support type icon example: (Coffie, Tea, Pizza, custom type by admin). 
  17. Membership Dashboard Panel With Statics.
  18. Customizable Plan.
  19. Membership giveaway.
  20. Subscribers log.
  21. Extra (Digital Product Store) Dashboard with statics.
  22. Digital product panel.
  23. Goal Set panel with progress bar.
  24. Customisable page link.
  25. Withdrawal Modules with history.
  26.  Real-time notification with WebSockets.
  27.  Notification history.
  28. Social Login (facebook, github, google).

User Profile Features.

  1. Customizable user profile page.
  2. Unsplash API added for searching coverimage 
  3. Custom cover image option.
  4. Profile Share Button.
  5. Post based Like System.
  6. Post based Comment System.
  7. Post Share System to twitter.
  8. Membership Selection Tab.
  9. Support (Donation) Tab.
  10.  Customizable Donation Type.
  11. Category Based Post list.
  12. All post list.
  13. Popular Post Bar.
  14. Digital Product Store.

Application Features.

  1. Optimized Query.
  2. Added Cache for super fast.
  3. Added Powerfull cache modules (Memcached, Redis).
  4. Ajax Based Post For News Feed.
  5. Websocket for real-time notifications.
  6. Firebase For real-time chat.
  7. Popular Cloud storage modules (AWS/ Wasabi).
  8. Social Login (Facebook, Twitter, google).
  9. Blogs.
  10. Contact page.
  11. Multi Language.
  12. 12+ automatic payment system.

Site Admin Features.

  1. Clean dashboard with earning statics.
  2. Google Analytics.
  3.  Withdrawal Logs.
  4. Custom Withdraw Modules.
  5. Order History.
  6. User posts list.
  7. Digital product history list.
  8. Subscriptions logs.
  9. Digital product Order logs with dashboard.
  10. Reports.
  11. User list (view, edit, login, delete)
  12. Media System.
  13. Role-based Multi admin
  14. Website Settings option.
  15. Drag and drop menu.
  16. Seo settings.
  17. System Settings.
  18. Smtp / Sendmail config settings.
  19. Dynamic Storage Settings.
  20. Currency Settings.
  21. Customizable donation (support) charge settings.
  22. Customizable donation (support) type settings example: (coffee, tea, pizza).
  23. Custom admin role.
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