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AdForest v4.0.4 - Classified Native Android App


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AdForest - Classified Native Android App - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Adforest Classified Android App built-in Android Studio

Adforest Classified ads app is foremost and modern classified apps for android designed to grow your business. With our mobile classifieds app, you can manage product listing for your ad posting business. It is the best-classified apps comes up with awesome handy features including Multi-Currency front end Added, Bad Word Filter, AD Expiry Limits, Ad Status, Google map integration, Location or Price base search plus user can contact seller/buyer with massaging system and many more outstanding features that most of the mobile classifieds app doesn’t support. Just purchase Classifieds app install the plugin make the changes you want and your app is organized to use. You can upload the app with your business brand name and handle more products smoothly.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/adforest-classified-native-android-app/20963101

How to make nulled:

1. After downloading, unzip and go to these directories
app / srcs / main / java / com / scriptsbundle / adforest ..
2. Search for all .java files: type .java in the Windows search bar,
open with notepad ++
3. Replace all com.scriptsbundle.com entries with the name of your package that you registered with firebase.
return to this directory - app / srcs / main / res ..
4. Search all .xml files and do the same
5. Go to the build.gradle file and replace the package name with your name.
6. Now go to app / srcs / main / java / com / scriptsbundle / adforest / utills and edit the urlcontroller.java file, specify the name of your website, enter any purchase code and secret code that should match the one that was Introduced on the API plugin toolbar. Enter also the name of your application
7. Rename this folder according to your package name.
app / src / main / java / com / scriptsbundle / adforest, for example, you used com.xy.bb
8. You replace scriptsbundle with xy and adforest with bb
rename adforet.iml to bb.iml
9. Disable your social logins on the WordPress plugin toolbar and import them into Android Studio.
Download the required version of the SDK and SD plugins, synchronize and run.


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