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Optimer v1.0.9 - Advanced Image Optimizer + Storage Platform | SAAS | PHP


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Optimer - Advanced Image Optimizer + Storage Platform | SAAS | PHP

Optimer - Advanced Image Optimizer + Storage Platform | SAAS | PHP

#1 Fastest growing Image Optimizer / Compressor + Storage SAAS Platform. Optimer is an online image optimizer tool that allows you to reduce the size of an image file by compressing it and removing unnecessary data, while maintaining the quality of the image. This tool is very useful for reducing the size of images that you want to use on the web, as smaller image files will load faster and use less bandwidth. It typically work by allowing you to upload an image from your computer or a URL, and then adjusting various settings to control the level of compression and optimization. Once the optimization process is complete, you can download the optimized image to your computer or save it to AWS S3 premium cloud storage service.

For Admin – Optimer enables you to create plans and get subscription payment from your users.

Optimer - Advanced Image Optimizer + Storage Platform | SAAS | PHP Optimer - Advanced Image Optimizer + Storage Platform | SAAS | PHP Optimer - Advanced Image Optimizer + Storage Platform | SAAS | PHP Optimer - Advanced Image Optimizer + Storage Platform | SAAS | PHP Optimer - Advanced Image Optimizer + Storage Platform | SAAS | PHP

Main Features :

  • Reducing the size of images for use on the web: By compressing and optimizing images, you can reduce the size of the image files and make them faster to load on websites. This is especially useful for sites with a large number of images or users with slow internet connections.
  • Improving the performance of websites: Smaller image files use less bandwidth and require less time to download, which can improve the overall performance and speed of a website. This can lead to a better user experience and higher search engine rankings.
  • Saving storage space: Optimized images take up less space on your server or cloud storage account, which can save you money on hosting costs and make it easier to manage your files.
  • Reducing load times on mobile devices: Mobile devices often have slower internet connections and less storage space than desktop computers. By optimizing images, you can make your website faster and more user-friendly for mobile users.
  • Preparing images for print: Image optimizers can also be used to prepare images for printing by reducing the file size and resolution to meet the specific requirements of the printing process.
  • REST API enabled: API enables to integrate with your other custom apps. It expand your limits. Sell this feature by enable on your own created plans to your users.
  • 5 Major Advanced Image Optimization
  1. JPG
  2. PNG
  3. SVG
  4. GIF
  5. WEBP
  • Local Server Storage + Amazon S3 Integration for Storage
  • Advanced Lossless Image Compression + Storage Platform with SAAS enabled
  • Multiple Payment Gateways support
  • Build in Laravel
  • Multilingual with RTL Support
  • Powerful Admin panel for controlling your site.
  • Integrated CMS for New Pages
  • SEO & Page Speed Optimized
  • Changable currency settings
  • Invoice & Tax
  • Transaction History
  • Unlimited Plan Creation – No limits.
  • 8 Colors for Website
  • Easy to edit html + tailwind (blade) template files.
  • Fully Responsive
  • Clean & Formatted Code
  • Developer Friendly Structure
  • And more…

Admin Features :

  • SAAS Enabled – Make your plans and get paid from your users.
  • API Enabled – Expand your limitations with Powerful REST APIs. Sell API Feature with Daily Limit Option to your users. – Requires Extended License
  • Multiple Inbuild Payment Methods – Inbuild PayPal, RazorPay and Stripe Integrated – No need to buy additional items. – Requires Extended License
  • Taxes – Simply create, edit and configure your Tax details from admin panel.
  • Invoice – System will generate invoices automatically when a transaction is made.
  • Highly Customizable Plans – Create Highly Customizable Plans with access provision, plan duration, recommended plan and enable or disable plan.
  • Multilingual Support – Translate all words from admin.
  • Powerful Analytics – Google Analytics enabled.
  • Multi Currency Support – Change your currency from admin panel.
  • 8 Colors for Website – Change your website color from admin panel.
  • Inbuild Translation Management System – Change your words from admin panel.
  • Users – Manage your users from admin.
  • Live Chat Integrated – Twak.to Free Live Chat Integration.
  • Web Pages – Create Custom Pages, Change contents and enable or disable pages.
  • Web Page and Custom Pages are not translatable. Instead of that, you can change the content, enable and disable sections, pages.
  • Settings – You can change important application settings. Like a control center.

Inbuild Payment Methods :

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Razorpay
  • Offline / Direct Payments


Support is available for paid files only
Support for free files is offered for a fee only

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