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WoltLab Suite Forum (Burning Board) v5.5.10


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WoltLab Suite Forum (Burning Board)

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Mobile Friendly

Adapting to the users' devices, WoltLab Suite always delivers the best user experience by carefully offering the most suitable view for your visitors.

The way we use websites has greatly evolved in the past years, it is much more common to see people using almost entirely a smartphone or tablet to access websites. This has traditionally created a burden for website owners as they had to either craft specialized versions of their site or ignore these users altogether.


WoltLab Suite solves this with a dynamic style and interface behavior, that takes care of delivering the best possible user experience automatically. You can focus entirely on creating and maintaining your content, the software will take care of your visitors.


Extensive Customization

Every community is different and your site can reflect this with a unique appearance and the right additions to achieve perfection.

Picking the right color can make the difference between a good and a perfect site, as colors are associated with emotions and can greatly strengthen the topic of your site, even creating true immersion. Underline your intentions by modifying templates, ultimately altering both the overall appearance as well as providing exactly the information you wish to carry over.


The official Plugin-Store offers a comprehensive selection of plugins to modify your site with ease. Installing a plugin is as easy as performing a bunch of clicks, without the need to ever deal with file or database editing. All plugins listed in the Plugin-Store have been audited for security and stability.



Never miss any important news, comments or user interactions again. Stay informed of what is happening in your community, with opt-in email notifications.

Every user can opt-in to receive notifications for a broad selection of actions, including but not limited to replies in conversations or additions to subscribed content. Notifications will be delivered and shown within the website itself.


This gap is filled with email notification, where a separate email is dispatched to remind the user of ongoing activity, including reasonable limits to avoid congesting a user's mailbox. Alternatively, users can choose to have some notifications delivered in a single daily summary email that provides a recap of what has happened in the past 24 hours.


Built-in SEO

Writing good content is the first step to successful websites; WoltLab Suite will ensure that your content is properly listed in search engines.

Websites are quite similar to books, as they both consist of a table of contents, sections, headlines, and paragraphs. These components provide visual and contextual aid to the reader and make it easier to understand the content.


Search engines are somewhat similar to people reading a book, as they can understand most pages, but will also favor websites with a good structure. WoltLab Suite comes with a clean and semantic markup that is designed to make a search engine's job easier and ensures that they perfectly understand both your content and how it is connected to other parts.



The larger your community grows, the more you are reliant on tools that both offer everything you need and scale up perfectly.

All common actions, including but not limited to user approval or group assignment, work both for single users as well as on a larger group at once. As your community grows larger it might be no longer efficient to single-handedly pick each user you want to work with. WoltLab Suite solves this by offering a dedicated bulk processing for users that will apply a select option on a large group of users based on a large collection of possible criteria.


The advanced user group system allows for fine-grained control over a user's permissions, easing your day-to-day job by an order of magnitude. Automatic group assignments allow you to configure sets of conditions that will automatically add users to a group of your choice.


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Support is available for paid files only
Support for free files is offered for a fee only

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