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Customized Energy Storage Battery



Customized Energy Storage Battery The microgrid battery storage system is an electrical energy storage device used in the microgrid, which can store renewable energy such as solar energy, so as to provide backup power support for the load when the power supply is insufficient or the grid fails. It is an indispensable and important part of microgrids. Products Description Our Microgrid energy storage system has a charging capacity of 1.38MWh and uses a 30-foot container (9125*2438*2896mm), which contains 4 battery clusters (including BMS), fire protection system, temperature control system, confluence control cabinet and 500kw off-grid Switch PCS automatically. Discharge Output voltage: AC 380V Output power: maximum 500KW Power supply time: 2.5-3 hours Charge Input power: maximum 500KW Charging time: 2.5-3 hours Function With grid-connected charging and discharging, off-grid independent inverter function, off-grid cold start function; Adjustable reactive power and active power; Strong load adaptability, anti-backflow and load following functions; According to the power of the transformer, the charging and discharging power can be intelligently allocated; On-off grid seamless switching, uninterrupted supply load; Flexible communication, support remote EMS command; Intelligent temperature control and fire protection system; A variety of working modes can be set flexibly, and the conversion efficiency is as high as 97.5%. This microgrid energy storage system integrates auxiliary systems such as air conditioning/fire protection/big data platform monitoring. Characteristics of Microgrid System The switching power is controllable and adjustable, which can reduce the impact of large-scale distributed power access on the power grid. Mainly renewable and clean energy such as photovoltaics, wind power, natural gas, and tidal energy, it is clean, environmentally friendly and autonomous. The microgrid basically achieves self-balancing of power supply and demand, and can operate independently. It is suitable for independent micro-grid areas such as no electricity and islands, networked micro-grids such as multi-energy complementary, self-generated and self-use, and scattered photovoltaic installations. Customized Energy Storage Battery website:http://www.dawpower.com/energy-storage-battery/

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