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SocialProofo v1.6.0 - 14+ Social Proof & FOMO Notifications for Growth (SaaS Platform)


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SocialProofo is a fully loaded toolkit with marketing tools, plugins and pop-ups to create FOMO, Social Proof, Engage and keep your website visitors.

The cost to run campaigns like these round up to $500/year from other companies.

Why would you want to pay $50+/month for a service like this when you can pay $69 once and have the product for lifetime?

Save more than $500+ a year by choosing SocialProofo

SocialProofo is also SAAS ready, if you want yourself to start a fruitful business and charge your customers with integrated one time and recurring payments via Paypal and Stripe, with included Invoicing system and Discounts/Redeemable codes system as well.

Update 1.6.0 – 23 January, 2020

- Added support for Punncycode campaign domains (domains which contain UTF-8 characters)
- Remade the dates translation mechanism to not be based on the server settings anymore but to be fully translatable from the language file.
- Added the ability for the user to change his timezone according to his needs.
- Added the ability to the admin to login as any user on the system directly via the admin panel.
- Added the ability to enable only the One time payment or Recurring or Both from the admin panel.
- Implemented the "Codes" system to create Redeemable and Discount codes from the admin panel.
- Replaced Account Details page with 2 new separate pages: Account Payments and Account Logs.
- Added Account Package page where the user gets more details about his current package his upgrading possibilities.
- Reworked almost the entire Admin panel look making it more user friendly, visually pleasing and fixing other visual bugs.
- Added the list of Campaigns a user has in the Admin User View page.
- Implemented payment notifications for the user when a payment has been processed.
- Implemented the ability to turn off the Notification shadow.
- Implemented the ability to set the Border width and Border color for each notification.
- Implemented the ability to change the animation of the notifications when entering and exiting the screen.
- Implemented pages categories.
- Reworked and improved the pages system.
- Implemented "Resources center" where you can see the most popular pages and categories for all the pages

- Improved the way the Notification Create page looks.
- Improved the way the Notification settings, statistics & data page looks.
- Improved the way the Dashboard campaigns look.
- Improved the way the Campaign page looks.
- Now the track_logs table will automatically clean itself via Cronjob by removing non-used records older than 30 days to improve performance and save database size.
- Restructured the Account settings page.
- Now the datepicker is fully translatable as well.
- Highly improved the processing speed to any actions related to Campaigns, Notifications & Notification statistics.
- Refactored the way campaign domains are parsed when people add campaigns. Now it will accept any type of URL with any types of characters included in the URL.
- Invoice header buttons now remove when printing.
- Improve the email sending feature by adding the "Alternative body" to improve the email receiving rates (Thank you Kevin for the suggestion).
- Improved the way notifications display on Login, Lost password, Reset password, Register, Resend activation pages.
- Improved the Registration workflow so that if the Free package is deactivated but the Trial is enabled, the user will automatically get the trial package.
- Remade the datepicker field and improved the design of the datepicker to feel more integrated.
- Translated other small not yet translatable strings on the site.
- Improved the look of the homepage.
- Reworked all notifications to fit the Close button properly.
- Notifications now will not show up if you are on "Print" mode to avoid sticking up when shouldn't.

- Fixed last activity field of the user not being updated properly.
- Fixed the way tooltips show on Switch controls (on/off).
- Fixed some inputs not able to be copied (webhook urls and admin settings cronjob url)
- Stripe payments formatting for currencies which are considered "zero-decimal currencies" (ex: JPY)

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/social-proof-skyrocket-conversions-growth/24033812




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Updated to v1.6.0
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Support is available for paid files only
Support for free files is offered for a fee only

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