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How to Install PixelPhoto (1.0 - v1.5 any version)


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Hi Donia Web community. I will tell you how to install PixelPhoto. First of all, check whether these features are available on the site where you want to install the Script.

Step 1 - First download the PixelPhoto Script shared by @Mahmoud and upload it to your site in ".zip" format.



Step 2 - Now login to your HPanel or CPanel. Create a new database, create an unmixed name and password. Be careful not to include the "$" dollar symbol in the password. 


Step 3 - Enter the Script file in the PixelPhoto 1.5 zip file that we downloaded from Mahmoud, then take the "database.sql" file there and upload it to the Database we opened.


Step 4 - We will send the file that we put on the desktop to the MySQL database that we have opened now. Click on this and  upload "database.sql".


Step 5 - After "database.sql" is sent to MySQL, we come to the File manager and click "Extract" to the zip file we uploaded to the site.


Step 6 - Finally, enter the (Script File/sys/config.php) file and delete all the text in its content. Paste the code below where you deleted it.

$sql_db_host = "localhost";
// MySQL Database User
$sql_db_user = "DB_USER";
// MySQL Database Password
$sql_db_pass = "DB_PASS";
// MySQL Database Name
$sql_db_name = "DB_NAME";

// Site URL
$site_url = "http://example.com"; // e.g (http://example.com)

Note As I mentioned in step 2, replace the database information you created with the ones written in this code. (You don't touch a "sql_db_host =  "localhost" )

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