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Bicrypto Mobile - Fully Native Flutter Mobile App for Bicrypto 2.0.3

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Made with:

  • Flutter 3


Update Notes:

We are thrilled to unveil Version 2.0.0, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of our platform. This update introduces a suite of aesthetic enhancements, core functional upgrades, and new features, meticulously designed to enrich the user experience, enhance security, and offer unprecedented personalization. Here’s what’s new at the forefront:

Aesthetic and Interface Enhancements:

  • Over 500 New Animations: Dive into a more dynamic and engaging user interface with over 500 new animations, bringing every interaction to life.
  • Light and Dark Modes: Choose your preferred viewing experience with fully implemented light and dark modes, designed to cater to your comfort at any time of the day.
  • New Fonts and Coloring: Discover a refreshed visual palette with new fonts and color schemes, elevating readability and the overall aesthetic appeal of the platform.

Following these aesthetic enhancements, the update also encompasses a comprehensive overhaul across various platform functionalities:

Aesthetic and Interface Enhancements:

  • Redesigned Authentication Pages: A fresh, intuitive design across all authentication interfaces, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Login Page: Streamlined for ease of access, with improved security measures.
  • Password Reset Page: Simplified process for recovering forgotten passwords, enhancing user convenience.
  • Registration Page: Optimized sign-up flow, making it quicker and easier for new users to join.
  • Account Confirmation Page: Strengthened account verification process to enhance account security.
  • Complete Profile Page: A more user-friendly interface for new users to complete their profiles.
  • Edit Profile Page: Enhanced edit capabilities, allowing users to easily update their information.
  • OTP (One-Time Password) Page: Implemented a more robust OTP system for improved security during sensitive operations.
  • Two-Factor Authentication Page: Upgraded to offer a more secure and flexible two-factor authentication process.

Wallet Feature Overhauls:

  • Fiat Wallet Enhancements:
    • Revamped Main Page: A fresh look with intuitive navigation, making it easier to manage your fiat currency.
    • Shimmer Animation: An enhanced UI feature for loading states, providing a visually pleasing experience.
    • Wallet Information: Detailed and accessible wallet insights at a glance.
    • Create Wallet: A simplified process for setting up a new fiat wallet.
    • Withdrawal Options: Expanded to include Payoneer, alongside the existing Stripe deposit functionality, for easier access to funds.
    • Transactions: An improved interface for viewing transactions and detailed transaction history, offering clearer insights into your financial activities.
  • Spot Wallet Overhaul:
    • Main Page Redesign: Streamlined for better usability and quicker access to essential features.
    • Enhanced Search Functionality: Making it easier to find what you’re looking for within your spot wallet.
    • Shimmer Animation & Detailed Information: Upgraded visual effects and comprehensive wallet information for a better user experience.
    • Deposit & Transfer Enhancements: Including the addition of a QR code for simpler and more secure transfers.
    • Withdrawal Process: Refined for efficiency, ensuring smooth and swift access to your funds.
    • Wallet Transaction Details: A more detailed view of your spot wallet transactions, helping you to keep track of your digital assets with ease.

Exciting New Addons:

E-commerce Addon:

  • E-commerce Index Page: A centralized hub for all your shopping needs, designed for easy navigation and access to various e-commerce features.
  • Order History & Pay Sheet: Keep track of your purchases and payments with a detailed history and easy-to-understand pay sheets.
  • Product Details, Rates, and Reviews: Dive deep into product specifics with detailed descriptions, pricing, ratings, and user reviews to make informed decisions.
  • Wishlist: Save your favorite items for later with a personalized wishlist, enhancing your shopping experience.

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Addon:

  • ICO Contributions & Index Page: A dedicated space for ICO enthusiasts to explore and contribute to initial coin offerings, complete with a comprehensive index page.
  • ICO Tokens & Projects: Discover and invest in a wide range of ICO tokens and projects, curated for potential growth and innovation.

Staking Pools Addon:

  • Staking Index: An overview page that allows users to navigate through various staking pools, offering a clear view of investment opportunities.
  • Manage Stakes: Users can now easily create and manage their stakes, contributing to staking pools with ease and transparency.

Blog Addon:

  • Blog Main Page: A newly designed main page for our blog, where users can find the latest articles, insights, and updates.
  • Create & Edit Blog Posts: Empower users to contribute to the community with the ability to create and edit their blog posts.
  • Article Details & Author Information: Dive into articles with detailed content and learn more about the authors behind the insights.

P2P Addons:

  • Offer Page Enhancements: Includes new features like p2p offers, detailed offer views, and the ability to edit offers. A dedicated “My Offers” section with a dropdown menu for easy navigation has also been introduced.
  • Reviews & Chat Pages: A new reviews page for community feedback and a complete chat page for seamless communication between users.
  • Payment Method Integration: Enhanced functionality for creating and editing payment methods, handling disputes, and reviewing transactions and trades.

Forex Addon:

  • Enhanced User Interface: Includes a wait screen, main screen, and a splash screen for an engaging entry into the addon.
  • Investment & Trading Screens: New investment screen and plans screen, along with options for demo and live trading, providing a comprehensive trading experience.

KYC Addon:

  • Streamlined KYC Process: Features a main waiting page, step-by-step guidance, and the ability to create KYC with a native design. Animated pages enhance the user experience during the KYC submission process.

Investments Addon:

  • Introduction & Plan Selection: Offers an introductory screen for new users, options to select investment plans, invest directly, and detailed views of each plan to help users make informed decisions.

Support System and Exchange Features Overhaul:

Support System Enhancements:

  • Native Chat Interface: We’ve introduced a more intuitive and responsive chat interface, allowing for seamless communication between users and our support team.
  • Ticket Creation Feature: Users can now easily create support tickets within the app, ensuring quick and efficient resolution of any issues or inquiries.

Exchange Features Overhaul:

  • Revamped Exchange Page: A complete redesign of the exchange interface, incorporating a more user-friendly layout and enhanced search functionality.
  • Advanced Filtering Options: We’ve added 8 new filters to our search functionality, allowing users to navigate and select their preferred options with greater ease.
  • Native Charting Capabilities: A new, native charting feature provides users with sophisticated tools for analyzing market trends, including customizable chart and candle colors.
  • Trade Page Redesign: The trade page has been entirely rebuilt to offer a more streamlined experience. Users can now search all pairs directly from the trade page and navigate seamlessly to detailed charts.

This version is a testament to our ongoing efforts to enhance platform usability and provide our users with comprehensive tools and functionalities. We eagerly await your feedback on these updates and are committed to continuous improvement.

We invite you to explore the new features and enhancements in Version 2.0.0 and share your experiences with us. Your feedback is invaluable as we strive to make our platform even better. Thank you for being a part of our community.

What's New in Version 2.0.3   See changelog


Version 2.0.3 Release Notes:

Stripe package fixed.

New screen for fiat deposit and withdrawal.

bottom sheet safe area fixed

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