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  1. i need yetishare tmplates i can't see the panel how is look of pro yetishare templates can you send me demo login

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    2. Mahmoud


      You can log in with this account:

      username: demo123

      password: demo1234

    3. Crex Code

      Crex Code

      ok send me your skype so i can pay

    4. Mahmoud



  2. bro you didn't answer you accepet 7 euro for ftp uplaod yetishare

  3. i need yetishare ftp mod please answer

    1. Mahmoud


      The price is 10 euros

    2. Crex Code

      Crex Code

      go to chat please now

    3. Crex Code

      Crex Code

      i pay 5 man if you want it