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  1. Hello friend, if you read the Post description, I'm asking if anyone here has the Updade-7.1 file for the most current version.
  2. Hello friends, just stopping by to check if anyone on the forum already has access to the WhatsCloud version 7.1 update, it is more complete, and I only found version v6.8 available, if anyone has the update file and can share it, we are all happy Thank you, here are some prints of what's new. demonstration.mp4
  3. @Mahmoud Hello my friend, good evening, taking a look at the official script there is some information that I would like to know if it is already included in this one made available by you: *7. Multi-User Collaboration: Collaborate seamlessly within your team. WhatsCloud supports multiple users with different roles, ensuring that your team can efficiently manage and respond to customer messages.* Are these options available? so that I can sell it and my customers can use it as multi-service?
  4. I have a problem in the conversation chat, what I send or what they respond to doesn't appear, there is an image of WhatsApp, has anyone already fixed this?
  5. During installation, it asks for the license key, what would it be? because the file was supposed to be nulled and go straight to the page
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