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  1. ok i installed it it only allows instagram stuff. so its wrog item then?
  2. also how about the plugins like linked in instagram ect, are they included in this release?
  3. this attachment here. Basically you need to edit the config file, upload the sqldatabase and your done! grameasy-v3.0-nulled.zip
  4. I found this nulled version which i managed to get working!!!! check the database for correct username and password after uploading. I have tested it and it is working!
  5. I would like to get this working i think i have retail. any ideas?
  6. Hi, I am trying to null this too. it seems like it does a get request with purchase code and creates/downloads an install.zip file with a install.sql database file. please advise how to null!
  7. I have tried to null and install this but I am always getting 500 error! how do we install this? I have tried to null the check in the install.php)
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