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  1. Please upload le-offer app available at https://le-offers.com/ from https://www.appscrip.com/ Thanks!
  2. Mahmoud is a wonderful admin, a gentleman, and a truly helpful human being. I give my 5 stars to him and this site. Many thanks for everything.
  3. Okay. Also, does the script contain "ads product user limitation" that ensures that users must subscribe to package specified by the admin after free listing limit is exhausted? Please give me a discount as I am to buy everything. Also please give me a list of all available plugin for it. Also please provide a link for plugin purchase. I want all in one link. Thanks.
  4. Hi Mahmoud, will the script come with buy now feature? That is the buy now button. Thanks.
  5. Thanks Mahmoud. And 2 last questions: (1) what plugins are included for the price? I am asking for a working addon firebase SMS (for mobile based OTP login) + Google recaptcha (2) will social logins (like Google & Facebook) function permanently on nulled (unlicensed) script that you are offering joysale 4.2 in a live setting? I mean will google/facebook not check the API's authenticity and disallow/ban the functionality? That's all. Thanks!
  6. Just 3 more questions as a genuine potential buyer: (1) Will the code be exactly (ditto) to that of what Appkodes is selling in joysale v4.2? (2) What are the features of the admin (backend) panel in v4.2? (3) You did not mention IOS and Android Package versions that you will provide along with web. Please mention. (4) After the payment goes through, I will get a download link for all 3 items yes? (5) You will install and ensure running on godaddy VPS server for the price included correct? Any troubleshooting you will do to ensure full functioning yes? After I make the payment online, I will get a download link for all 3 scripts? Please confirm. After this, I will buy. Thanks.
  7. So just to make double-sure, for 299 I will be able to download: (1) 4.2 web script plus ios package (version please) + apk package (version please)? There will be no hidden backdoor codes and/or links? (2) Will I be able to run it on my localhost for testing and script changes? (3)Does the script use Yii or Yii2 framework? (4) Will the downloaded script be a FULLY functional + both the apps will work as it should? (I.E: IT SHOULD NOT BREAK). (5) What will the admin modules include? (6)Which payment gateways are included? I need CCAvenue...will this be included? (7) What backend/server requirements do I NEED for it to run 100% PROPERLY? If you answer all my questions satisfactorily, I might buy from you today itself via link you send. Thank you Mahmoud.
  8. You have simply rebranded/renamed and uploaded a non working Matrimonial CMS 3.1 code that is circulating on nulled sites. I did not expect this from you.
  9. I want to buy. Please specify what will be included. After payment, how will I receive the code and database? Please note that I want to install it on my localhost server for changes and then will go for production. What framework do i need on my end to run the website & apps. Thanks.
  10. What is the best deal price for fully functional, clean, licensed and licensable copy of (1) v4.2 web + (2) latest ios & (3) android? Thanks. BTW, geolocation is not working in older versions. How to fix? Thanks.
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