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  1. yes i have, but not on doniaweb, i dont sell them here!
  2. available demo: cash.cyberindeed.com
  3. all plugins working & compatible. you can check by logging in as user. only license file decoded no whole script
  4. 5.9.2 does not have video ads, 5.9.3 have
  5. login also works. may your login credentials are wrong. however share your website info in my PM. i will check
  6. update will be provided only, if have access to those or managed to get one!
  7. @codegen thank you for your interest! dont worry each & everything is working fine! i will help you if you face problems while installing it!
  8. script & all 15+ plugins working properly. you can check by signing up in demo website. i will provide installtion support if something goes wrong note: in that case i will need you cpanel login info!
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