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  1. Bindlex Social Traffic Bindlex Social Traffic is a specialized program for sending real and quality social traffic to your sites. Social traffic is based on searches with keywords chosen by you on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Vimeo and Youtube . How can this help you? Using this software, your site will grow and be better noticed when it is indexed in search engines due to these bots that will enter and navigate over your site. The traffic is real and not detectable as bots! It is read by absolutely all analytics services. We guarantee that your site is safe and cannot be banned by search engines. Main features: Send unlimited traffic to your sites. Very easy to configure No need for proxies / VPN (Free database included) Don’t waste time. Option to save your configuration. Set the program to stop automatically / manually. 6 Social sites from which to choose where to receive traffic. It is a program you really need! Whether you are just starting out or have had an active domain for a long time, this program is needed to improve the site you already have. It is useful regardless of the field of activity and the age of your site. Consider this traffic as a boost for your site in order to attract more real visitors. Other reasons to buy: We are a very serious team regarding the programs we make and we want to help you get your site up and running as fast as possible. That is why, in addition to this program, we offer the highest quality support, both via remote, mail and skype. We respond very quickly and we help you at any time to set your configuration if you have problems with this. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/bindlex-social-traffic/28366630 Download: 724267087_BindlexSocialTraffic.zip
  2. PayDay is a modern and dynamic HRM Solution to maintain an effective relationship with organization and employees. Keeping track of employees and their daily activities become much easier and less time consuming. Employee and payroll management are the main key objective that helps in the best possible way. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/payday-hrm-solutions/33681719 Download:
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  3. WA Broadcast, Rest API, Bot chat, Webhook, Get Kontak, Pesan Jadwal. Punya website dan belum punya sever whatsapp sendiri? MP WA Gateway cocok untuk anda, menjual source code Wa gateway dengan fitur yang mumpuni! Download:
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  4. Native Android App built-in Android Studio Powerful and easy-to-use delivery management software for your local delivery business. Streamline your whole delivery operation with our powerful delivery software that offers your customers an “Uber-like” experience while offering your drivers and back-office robust features you would expect to see from a large courier company. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/godelivery-delivery-software-for-managing-your-local-deliveries-deliveryboy-app/31406671 Download:
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  5. Quizzer is an android quiz app with admob, question with two/three/four answer options. Simply add your category/sub-category/question from backend and all remaining tasks will be done by app. The application is fully native, using latest features of Android platform to provide the best user experience. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/quizzer-quiz-app-with-admob-ads-and-admin-app/25414629 Download:
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  6. Level up your online sales and delivery services with Sundaymart. Register an unlimited amount of stores, list products, set up a delivery range, and let your regular and new customers order your products online. Manage the sales with a user-friendly admin panel and enjoy the most convenient order processing, payment, and delivery. Benefit from Sundaymart’s ultimate advantage – a simplified product replacement. There is no need for clients to cancel and compile a new order if they decide to replace the item after checkout. All you need to do is introduce changes from the admin panel and send the product replacement notification to the client. Besides these benefits from using Sundaymart, you also get: Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/multi-vendor-flutter-php-laravel-admin-panel/34109062 Download:
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