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  1. https://codecanyon.net/item/android-app-builder-webview-wordpress-youtube-much-more/25336330
  2. See a webview needs permissions to access your folders so if you can do it then ok, otherwise you can download any nulled webview from either codecanyon(recommended) or those available on GitHub. If you go for codecanyon you will have to put efforts for removing the non required items like in menu etc...?
  3. What you can do is convert the php site to a mobile web view or some have PWA functionality.
  4. You are amazing man! I don't need it but the efforts you have put into this is commendable...Doniaweb.com is best.
  5. Please update Quizzy version 2.2 @Mahmoud... Thanks in advance brother ??
  6. Please update to 2.1 version... Thanks in advance brother @Mahmoud ??
  7. Hello brother... Were you able to run the app properly?
  8. This is a old version...when I built the apk... It throws error, in comment section of codecanyon.net this was fixed 7 months ago.... I couldn't run the app. Can you please upload the latest version... The android src is also old only the target sdk is updated code is buggy...
  9. hi brother ... is v1.4 available now?
  10. Kindly update to version 3.0 @Mahmoud... Can you get the Saas module uploaded here too? Thanks in advance brother...
  11. I absolutely agree on this... Have some respect for the admin... He is doing his best by putting scripts & code so that you can use it free that too all nulled, clean code, virus free... Hence I request you all to respect not only admins but also members too... @Mahmoudthanks brother for the effort you put in DoniaWeb...
  12. Hi @Mahmoud thank you so much for adding this upon request but unfortunately getting this error, any solution?
  13. @Mahmoudit says Class Ci_controller not found kindly fix this
  14. Hey @Mahmoud this file is locked by the original nuller toptide... Please look into it...
  15. Version 12.122. Please replace the older version. _word.Researcher.Pro.12.122.rar
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