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  1. Guys! Who has a chat script for this script and application?!
  2. Hi guys! Who will tell you how to associate this application with a null script?!
  3. well, now I will pay, get access to the file, and when the update version is released it will be available for me or you will need to pay something else?!
  4. Hi! What will happen to the results of the updates after payment?
  5. Very needed vivashop theme for cs-cart 4.9.3
  6. Same trouble! There are no problems with the settings... but in browsers notifications arrive very bad((( in browsers on smartphones do not arrive at all!
  7. Guys, could you tell me, as from whom come push notification from service one signal?! Configured everything seems to be true, but browsers arrive very badly, on the smartphone do not get, maybe someone has a help on setting up?
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