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  1. So what?! There was no official release yet! And you are already looking for a nulled version! Maybe first you should look at the sales page of the developer?!
  2. Yes, I know! I communicate with them myself)))
  3. Look! The IOS version has been promised for six months! And a bunch of other edits!
  4. What nonsense you talk! There is no such version of the script!
  5. It's not working! The license generator's dead! No one has ever described here how to run the application on a zero script!
  6. Precisely! And the use of this software if it can not be used?! Download for collection?! Someone was able to put it on a zero script?! Full shit!
  7. Guys! Who has a chat script for this script and application?!
  8. Hi guys! Who will tell you how to associate this application with a null script?!
  9. well, now I will pay, get access to the file, and when the update version is released it will be available for me or you will need to pay something else?!
  10. Hi! What will happen to the results of the updates after payment?
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