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  1. I meen decode licence.php not help for nulled!
  2. Decoded locense file. but this is not nulled script( license.zip
  3. How?! And how to decrypt?! I have a working project on this system and the key code is generated from the license code that is processed on the server and the domain on which the script is installed!
  4. Alas there is no solution, the coding algorithm is unclear
  5. Hi! Tell me what to register in the purchase code? I have requests code, prescribe arbitrary, but writes that wrong!
  6. From the word at all! You need to add yourself, according to the desired algorithm, and in addition to think with multilanguage, and in fact the index will be only the default language of the site! Since no url is generated...
  7. You under what version of the script? The fact is that in different versions, in different folders are localization files and switching.
  8. No! Only global search and location, there are no static pages and create them even with the parameters of the cities, alas, will not work....
  9. Thanks! And applications to the 4 version can then be found, not for free of course?!
  10. Can I ask you to act as a moderator or will you need to contact the seller?
  11. I mean, those who need the script may be willing to raise money to buy the script!
  12. Applications are included there too? Can as a variant to organize a purse among those who are really interested?! How do you feel about that?
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