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  1. If you want to add a link as an user, nothing happen - how to fix?! Theme: Relink
  2. In Pes Pro there is a "Job" section. Only admin can post jobs or other users too?
  3. Why I do need pay again when i purchased Last script?
  4. When new update is available for this script?!
  5. Hello, its not the newest version. I setup site and checked youtube videos from kogao (they have newer version in videos).
  6. Hello, looking for a task php script, where people can find other people for doing some (mini) jobs. Like: Visit my site xyz and get $1. For example like this page:https://www.airtasker.com/ Anyone know something?
  7. Which script is this? How much cost? Do you have a exchange review script for android and ios apps (where user can review other apps)
  8. Is there any other php script like this? Maybe which are more up to date? THanks
  9. How to update? Where are the newest files? Possible to get the telegram module?
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