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  1. Simple enough just get yourself the lagom email module instead of using the email theme this is alot easier to code in if you need more help with things join my discord https://discord.com/invite/XFyXW3mEtJ i can help you more with the file you need (module) and what todo all that fun jazz!
  2. you do know the owners of lagom are suffering and recovering still from the OVH datacenter Fire right i have a legit copy and account even with them and im having trouble accessing my account cause of it with lagom - RsStudios
  3. if anyone is in need of expert shared hosting and or dedicated and vps services please goto https://ezyweb.ca !
  4. Unfortunately this site is discontinued but if someone is willing to partner with me we can bring it back and do updates
  5. i am a partner owner of this script and we will be taking legal actions if you do not pull this down if you do not believe us please be prepared to receive a email from our lawyers and a dmca laywer
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