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  1. now i'm using php 8 someone has a new message system and stories? web site https://socialcrazy.net
  2. yes your browser and your website is not in https the java scripts usually work in https for live video audio ,.
  3. it can be your browser because my system is totally different from crea8social just used html and css of them the functions of my script are all in pdo and the java script all redone and modified for improvement
  4. to see pdo working script go to https://socialcrazy.net
  5. https://socialcrazy.net I had a much lower version and I turned it into an even better version than the original one because my version is in PDO....NOW I NEED CHAT'S NEW VERSION HTML IF SOMEONE CAN HELP THANK YOU
  6. any script is easy to override just take the function that asks for the key
  7. yes I can send you, I will send the full version version_master.zip
  8. the only thing i wanted was stories plugin and facebook chat i would even give the full script version 7.3.3 crea8social https://socialcrazy.net my version is in PDO PHP 7.4
  9. please share plugin chat and stories thanks
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