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  1. Can not login with default login details ?
  2. No. How to solve this problem? Please help me. I do not much understand php code. So give me instructions like sngine documentation. Or if you solve this problem, please give your edited script
  3. I am facing too ??. 2 times tried to install but not work. Show this message.May be we will not use free more. ?
  4. @ Mahmoud bro I can't install this version on my host.When I want to install,the installation page are being black and white coloured and it says,purchase code invalid. Do you know what's the problem? How to solve it?
  5. @ Mahmoud need wowonder 3.0.1 version link
  6. @Mahmoud in my website withdraw page not found.How can solve this problem?
  7. @Mahmoudbrother, Can Admin approve users payment request or Where can Show users requested for payment? In Wowonder script I can't see admin payment option from where admin can manage users payment. Please help me.
  8. @Mahmoud brother I can see a big problem. That is in this script Add Friend button Don't find. Only Follow button is showing. How to add friend?
  9. Why notification is all time loading? I can't see notifications came from users?