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  1. https://t3lyem.info/quz2/Completes عدلت على ملفين واشتغل ^_^ الملفين في المرفقات مفتاح التسجيل ,,, اكتب اي شي doniaweb.com_eduex-online-exam-system-elite.zip
  2. ممتاز جدا. انا استخدمه من سنه. ع الموقع ser1. almutmiz.net رابط مثال للفيديو https://ser1.almutmiz.net/video/ucOG7b6H9LlGqlW/ رابط مثال لتحميل الفيديو لكن عدلت ع الصفحك واضفت اختصار روابط https://ser1.almutmiz.net/download/ucOG7b6H9LlGqlW/
  3. Product Management Foundations Fast track course on product management concepts, process & frameworks to build strong foundations| Includes case asgmt. What you'll learn Bare basics of the product management practice History of Product Management and why the practice came into existence in technology organizations Role and responsibilities of a product manager and how it varies in different stages of product lifecycle Product Manager vs Project Manager vs Product Owner, what's the difference? Product Management Process fro
  4. Enneagram Doesn't Have To Be Hard - master the art of enneagram What you'll learn learn about the enneagram numbers and identify the types. Each number is a personality and you will know how to handle them. Requirements Just having an interest to learn about ENNEAGRAM. If you don't know what is an enneagram! then just learn right now and amaze others
  5. 2020 Guide to Generating Leads With Google Local Service Ads Dominate local search and generate local leads with Local Services by Google and this step-by-step process Requirements A local business to set-up ads for For freelancers or agencies: an interest in helping local businesses setup Local Services for lead generation Description If you are a local business owner or marketer who serves local businesses and are not yet takin
  6. بارك الله فيك وفي وقتك
    ممتاز جدا ..عمل جبار ..بارك الله فيك تم التجربة
  7. مبدع .. بارك الله فيك وفي وقتك