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  1. Crea8social V7.3.2 + Premium Plugins and Themes error not worg Something wrong went wrong, please try again later
  2. ELCOME TO Crea8Social INSTALLER Nulled Maintained and Support by PYTH@N at Github System Requirements PHP Version 5.6.40 Mysqli Available Allow_url_fopen Enabled Storage Folder Writable Config File Writable Invalid license key, please confirm license key from your dashboard License Key not worg
  3. Crea8Social plugins LiveStreaming Help ??
  4. Crea8Social Video / Audio Call Category: Plugins
  5. Installation Failed A problem was encountered during the installation process. The error message returned by the installer was as follows: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'balkanel_host.tblconfiguration' doesn't exist (SQL: select * from `tblconfiguration` where `tblconfiguration`.`setting` = MDEFromTime limit 1) How do I get help? We want to make sure you can start using our product as soon as possible. Please open a ticket with our support team including a copy of your installation log file from /install/log/. This will help them diagnose what caused the failure, and what needs to be done before attempting the installation process again. Thank you for choosing WHMCS!
  6. New Installation Warning! Existing Installation Detected Existing WHMCS Database Found The database details provided are for a pre-existing WHMCS database. New installations require a database that does not contain an existing WHMCS installation. For a new installation: Please either create a new database or drop the existing WHMCS tables and data from the database provided, and then try again. To upgrade the existing database: Please enter your Credit Card Encryption Hash below to continue with an upgrade. Credit Card Encryption Hash:
  7. License: b6ffb6699450271d58b12a01c1e6c5a2 not vaild
  8. Invalid license key, please confirm license key from your dashboard
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