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  1. im back now, i will null this once i null this for installation, i shall properly sanitize and clean the script. as every copy i DL from here or the web have callbacks remaining. ps i never abandoned this, re-read my initial post stating i didnt have time back then but all is fine now
  2. i guess this is purchase only even though the header clearly states free lol
  3. This NEEDS to be nulled as noone seems to want to post or share (maybe noone as been able to get it i dunno) and i see nowhere on the web is this available i will share this untouched version i would null this myself and share but currently i am backed up with work due to upload restrictions i am unable to share all 73 plugins ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ======================================================CREA8SOCIAL======================================================= ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ =================================================VERSION 7.4.6 CHANGELOG================================================ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------This document contains changes from the previous version worth mentioning------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------NEW FEATURES AND MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS------------------------------------------ - ADDED Horoscope plugin - ADDED User Ranking plugin ---------------------------------------------------MINOR IMPROVEMENTS--------------------------------------------------- - IMPROVED General UI - IMPROVED Tranlations ---------------------------------------------------------BUG FIXES------------------------------------------------------ - FIXED PHP 7.4 Compatibilty issues - FIXED UI issue in friend request email - FIXED Livestream comment update - FIXED Livestream browser support issue - FIXED Bug in Poll directory - FIXED Empty chat conversations --------------------------------------------------------INSTRUCTIONS---------------------------------------------------- After adding and updating necessary files, - Login to your AdminCP. - Click Maintenance -> Update System - Test your site. You may report any bug via our Feedback System at https://crea8social.com/feedback Thank you for using Crea8social. crea8social.zip
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