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  1. Websocket Messenger for the social network WoWonder. This plugin will allows users to make free audio/video calls, to send/receives messages in real-time. Details About Messenger FEATURES Messenger shortcut & Messenger standalone. Its very easy for users to send messages just open a fixed shortcut. (abillity to open many shortcuts) Media. Users can send pictures and screenshots just by using keyboard shortcut CTRL + V Chat color. Ability to change chat colors. Nicknames. Ability to change/add/remove a nickname for the recipient and vice-versa. Location. The users can share easily their location, by pressing Share location button. Emojis. A powerfull list of emojis. Ability to see your recent used emojis. Filter emojis by categories. GIF. Search/send gifs. Stickers. Stickers module allows to users to search stickers and send in conversation. Also the administrator of site can manage very easily the stickers packages (add new stickers/remove stickers). You can see a live demo by clicking on this link. Voice Clips. Users can send/receive voice clips very simple just by holding on the button record voice clips. Delete messages. This feature allow users to delete their messages. Also the feature allow to delete the messages in both sides for the sender and receiver. Delete conversation. This function is not simple. When a user delete a conversation, the respective conversation just disapear for respective user but not disapear for the recipient. The whole conversation are deleted from database when the recipient also delete it. Search. The messenger goes with a amazing feature that allows users to search in conversation and abillity to move up/down the search result. Online. The messenger shows the online followers in the Online Tab. Search followers/conversations. Users can search for their old conversations or followers to start a new conversation. Attachments. In messenger you can find simple all attachments from the conversation in Attchaments tab. Live Typing. Typing feature works like lighting, when the recipient just press down the button, the user its automatically notified. Instantly arriving. All the messages arriving are instantly 1 second. When the recipient press ENTER the message is show up for the user like lighting in less than a second. Many thanks to the Node.js server. Previous messages. Ability to load previous messages in shortcut & messenger. Group. Messages are grouped by datetime. Multi-files upload. Upload multiple files at the same time. The files are uploaded one by one to keep up the server. Arriving. When the user receive a new message a new contact is automatically prepended to the list of contacts. If the user is not in messenger then a new shortcut is automatically created. Read/unread. The messages are market with read icon only when the user really view the new message. Contacts. Ability to load more contacts on scroll down in messenger. ... and much more in the demo Messenger Server Requirements PHP 7.2+ to be installed. SSL (Secured connection) to be enabled. VPS server. Details About Music FEATURES Enable popups when: *upload music *create collection *add music to collection *delete collection *edit songs. =============================================================== Allows uploading multiple files. Track details (artist name, track name, album name and cover) can be edited if are not available in track’s tags. The user can see a history of played tracks, for two months ago. The tracks can be sorted. The recommended section appears just in your own collections. CSS transition for each event. Show details about who sings on the left side bottom. Update the history order of each played song. The users are automatically notified when new songs are avalaible in their collections. Enabled background playing mode. The radio stations are created by all genres of music. The search is improved with suggestions. Allows touchscreen for mobile version. The navigation is enhanced with history pushstate so that it provides easy access to previous pages. Can repeat the whole playlist or just a song. Shuffle – Turn on / off. The user can identfy the current playing song by one click on the “Now playing” button. Loading more songs on scroll event. Live search in friends list. The user can control the player through navigate on the site via header controls. There are available 2 players Mobile & Desktop. The mobile player is automatically enabled when the screen size is too small for the main player and vice-versa. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Demo : https://codecanyon.net/item/kontackt-real-time-application/23072679 price : $13 only , to buy contact me here : https://t.me/lords_doom lifetime updates for buyers...
  2. yes, we can use original purchased licence key of timeline applications with nulled wowonder script . wowonder script provided in this website is already with applications verified.
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