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  1. the latest version is 3.7, when will update? do you have ios version?
  2. does this pack include admin panel? in your title say yes, but in your description say no.
  3. is the payment modules working without any modification needed or we need to delete some code? I see that some other buyer complaint about it. if you could provide a video preview of it working without problem , that would be good. Thanks
  4. Since the installation is manual. Does this mean no license verification is needed to be able to run the software?
  5. where can we find that guide on what to be deleted? in the download file?
  6. Just to confirm if it's Original Extended License or nulled? When installed, will you provide us with a license key to validate the license?
  7. Does this regular license include payment module?
  8. what version is this? extended with payment system or standard license?
  9. thanks for the upload, by the way, totalvirus found VEX.Webshell by Bkav, should I be worried about it?
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