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  1. @ Mahmoudi see in the codecanyon package that now there isnt the file with description of which files are modified. Now it suggest to upload the whole folder. But i have same changes and for me is important to know which files are changed.
  2. Hi @ Mahmoud, i found a bug in Latest Conversions. This bug is about the Time Ago. When you are in the SocialProofo notification page you can see the correct dynamic time. But live on the website doesn't works. I tried again with new installation but i confirm you that is a little bug. Can you send me the correct files? Maybe is in latest_conversion.php the problem. Here there is a IF and i think that not works properly.
  3. Hi @Mahmoud a question. If i want to increase the login session? Let me explain: after X minutes the platform makes me log in again. I would like to increase the duration of the session by not logging in often while I am working on it. There’s a way?
  4. Hi @Mahmoud i have a problem in SocialProofo. I have a new installation but Live Counter not works. I have a new fresh installation, new database and all new file of latest version. If i use Live Counter not works, other notification like Cookie works. I see this error in console. How i can solve this? It seems strange to me because it is a completely new installation. New server, new domain and new database.
  5. Hi @ Mahmoud i update all today but the Admin > Statitics doesn't works. I have error 500. I try also with a new installation. Can you resolve?
  6. I dont understand how works My Report. Is always see this image and i dont know how to use this Function. I see that i have credits but for me not works. Can you explain me?
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