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  1. Hi @Mahmoud a question. If i want to increase the login session? Let me explain: after X minutes the platform makes me log in again. I would like to increase the duration of the session by not logging in often while I am working on it. There’s a way?
  2. Hi @Mahmoud i have a problem in SocialProofo. I have a new installation but Live Counter not works. I have a new fresh installation, new database and all new file of latest version. If i use Live Counter not works, other notification like Cookie works. I see this error in console. How i can solve this? It seems strange to me because it is a completely new installation. New server, new domain and new database.
  3. Hi @ Mahmoud i update all today but the Admin > Statitics doesn't works. I have error 500. I try also with a new installation. Can you resolve?
  4. I dont understand how works My Report. Is always see this image and i dont know how to use this Function. I see that i have credits but for me not works. Can you explain me?
  5. And why in Instagram some images are broken? See the image in attachment. The thumbnail is broken.
  6. @ Mahmoudi have a live installation with existing database, how i can fix it? can you explain me which sql function or file i can simply edit?
  7. Another question @ Mahmoud how can i setup a custom URL to redirect after complete payments? On Paypal i setup a live url to redirect but i go always omn dashboard. How i can do it?
  8. Hi @ Mahmoud, in Admin -> Website Setting > Payment if i Enable Discount/Redeemable Codes to Yes i get an error when i pay. You can try! When you arrive at the checkout i get a 500 error. If i disable Discount/Redeemable Codes all works. You can fix it? How you send me the fixed files?
  9. Hi, congratulations for this script. There is a problem with CODE (Discount/Redeem). I can create the coupon code from the Admin section, but when (as a user) i go the Account > Package i can't use this coupon. First of all you don't see the part to insert the discount code, which I solved by removing an IF from the php in Altum/Views/Account-Packages/index.html. Despite this, I enter the code (discount or redemption) nothing happens. You can check?