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Every year and the Islamic nation and all Muslims are fine, may God bring it back to you with goodness, Yemen and blessings ×


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  1. Hello Mahmoud 3VR97583V4952452A Here is the detail of the paypal transaction Could you send me the drivegoogle link
  2. Good evening I just took a one-week subscription to your website https://wavestraffic.club off even with the subscription it cuts. I think there must be a problem with the re capcha that cuts the sessions Could you give me a link on drivegoogle in order to download Thank you Best regards
  3. Good evening Mahmoud would it be possible to have another download link as for version 2.0 because impossible to download, it cuts before the end to 40 MB Thanks Best regards
  4. I can not download, the download always cuts in the middle (I'm registered on the site), could you give me another link to download? Thanks Best regards
  5. Hello, I do not have an anti virus on my apple and I'm registered on the site but the download cuts and does not go all the way
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