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  1. Hello the new version 2.0 is does not have extended license. Please check, I get this (You need to own the Extended License in order to activate the payment system.) whenever I go to payments in website settings.
  2. Hello, Please reply me. I'm getting this error when I try to make changes to the 66analytics script Please whats the fix?
  3. Great. Thanks for clearing that fast. I'd need you to be as fast and responsive on 1-to-1 support the way you're when I'm inquiring about a product. I forwarded you a message in regards to one of the other scripts I purchased on here. Please kindly get back to me on that. Keep up the good work mate. Looking forward to a responsive support from you.
  4. Quick Question before I buy this and then donate: Does this auto update, if not how do you update it when a new version is available?
  5. I have bought the script and I installed it. There's a problem. I cannot login. AKA. User Request Problem Whenever I click on login or register, it says (Please wait... or loading...) without doing anything. I didn't so much buy this plugin as I already a full version including mobile apps and Live streaming but with the same problem. Buying from you means I need your support to get it working. So how do I fix this?
  6. I want to buy this now, but will I get support and regular updates? That's what I need!
  7. Does your scrip have all the features including mobile and live?
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