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  1. Its works till you hit 400 views then google band your ip and the script stops
  2. Please updated to 3.0.4 thanks
  3. Please update to 3.0.3 thanks
  4. Ok cool so you haven’t fixed it at all then you just manage to install it on your hosting . Wait till you reach 400 and 2k views and the script will stop . You cant buy this script no more for 55$ as it’s broken and juicycodes are not fixing the script you have to upgrade to v2 This person is trying to sell the same broken script saying he has fixed it be he hasn’t done nothing to the script at all , fake scammer
  5. Thanks I been looking for This would you please be able to update it thanks in advance
  6. @ Mahmoud files are clean and good thanks would you please be able to update and all thanks
  7. @ Mahmoud are you sure this is clean and won't prompt any security breaches. the latest version of cpanel is 88.0.10 <https://docs.cpanel.net/changelogs/ This is a very old cracked file which is deemed null(as in no value) and not worth installing on servers. Also as per my previous research it won't be updated anytime, so best case is getting a license and installing the original.