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  1. why are you sharing the same script i shared last year that dont work any more . you didnt even change the details in the DB lol dont bother with this fake shit so he can earn from the ads sites
  2. Yes i do, sharing/selling is up to @ Mahmoud as it has 23 encrypted files that need decoding first
  3. i checked the files . plus it is on a few other sites and they are all complaining saying the same thing its was the original author that shared it with the backdoor to put people off nulled versions Na i got juicycodes VSS script . i will pm you about it now
  4. @ Mahmoud thanks but have you tested this update, after install i can not login
  5. Looks good but no one is going to use it , there all want the theme not just a movie site to use
  6. Can you please update to latest 2.3.4 thanks