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  1. COME JOIN THIS GROUP BUY!!! DOKANS - Multitenancy Based Ecommerce Platform (SAAS) Get Early Bird Offer Price -- Extended License at $49 -- Offer Ended Tomorrow Dokans is a multitenancy-based eCommerce platform similar to Shopify business modules customers can create e-commerce within 5 minutes. This script support subdomain and custom domain for e-commerce. Anyone can build any kind of e-commerce site using this script. Customers can sell physical products and digital products and change the UI theme easily. We integrated 4 e-commerce themes and added 7+ payment getaways. All payment Getaways support sandbox mode and live mode and fully securely. This script included 2 click site installer to install the script without any technical knowledge. Demo Access: Frontend: https://amwork.xyz Admin Login: Admin Access: https://amwork.xyz/login Email: [email protected] | password: rootadmin Theme 1: Frontend: https://saka-cart.amwork.xyz/ Seller Login: Admin Access: https://saka-cart.amwork.xyz/login Email: [email protected] | password: rootadmin Theme 2: Frontend: https://bigbag.amwork.xyz Seller Login: Admin Access: https://bigbag.amwork.xyz/login Email: [email protected] | password: rootadmin Theme 3: Frontend: https://bazar.amwork.xyz Seller Login: Admin Access: https://bazar.amwork.xyz/login Email: [email protected] | password: rootadmin Theme 4: Frontend: https://arafa-cart.amwork.xyz Seller Login: Admin Access: https://arafa-cart.amwork.xyz/login Email: [email protected] | password: rootadmin LINK: https://codecanyon.net/item/dokans-multitenancy-based-ecommerce-platform-saas/31122915
  2. It's looks like we can't get this item for the early bird offer price -- $49 for extended license, the developer has extend the promo for one day .. hoping we can get other members who like to join us soon as possible
  3. Thanks Admin, But time is ticking to get this good offer. Just read on the item's comment, it's look like this offer will be ended by tomorrow So, anybody would like to join now?
  4. Hi, Would like to ask for DOKANS - Multitenancy Based Ecommerce Platform (SAAS). Hopefully the developer still run their promo - buy regular license (at $49) get extended license package. If you consider to make a group buy for the item, I will join. Link: https://codecanyon.net/item/dokans-multitenancy-based-ecommerce-platform-saas/31122915 Regards
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